How To Choose The Right Shoes For Tough Mudder?

Tough mudder works in testing your mental strength and determination. With that in mind, it is also necessary for you to find the right pair of shoes, which is tough enough to help you succeed the activity.


By learning how to choose the right shoes for tough mudder and investing on them, it will be easy for you to beat the challenges associated with the tough event.

Why Investing In The Right Shoes Is Crucial For Tough Mudder?

If you are interested in being part of a tough event like tough mudder, then wearing regular running shoes is not advisable. You need to invest in a tough and high-quality footwear so you can master the obstacle races.

Keep in mind that this activity requires you to jump into the water repeatedly, deal with rough and changing terrains, get stuck in deep mud, and deal with other challenging obstacles. With that said, your shoes should be able to handle all of them and help you succeed.

Choosing The Right Shoes: What Exactly Should You Look For?

When searching for the right shoes for tough mudder , it would be best if you keep the following factors in mind, as such increases your chances of making the soundest buying decision:

#1 Weight

One of the factors you have to prioritize when planning to pick the best tough mudder shoe is the weight. Make sure to look for a lighter pair of shoes. Note that light shoes are not only less cumbersome to wear but also let you run faster.

Aside from that, the shoe has a lot of coverage, allowing you to enjoy moving with minimal to zero fatigue. If possible, choose a pair of shoe, which is only slightly over one pound. Such is lightweight enough that it can offer you support and protection without causing you to feel sluggish.

#2 Traction And Outsoles

One of the best features in a tough mudder shoe is the sturdy rubber outsoles. With that said, you have to look for a footwear with a high-quality outsole. It should be capable of gripping on various surfaces and on wide conditions.

#3 Width And Length

It is also necessary for you to consider the width and length of your shoe. In terms of width, you will know that it is the right one if you can move from one side to another without the risk of crossing over your insole. It should not let your little toe touch the end of the last toe.

When it comes to length, the most comfortable one is that with an extra length of at most one thumb between the end part of the footwear and your big toe. Your chosen tough mudder shoe should also be able to wiggle up and down a bit.

Keep in mind that there is a tendency for your feet to swell during the course of a tough mudder event. With that in mind, you need some extra length to keep you comfortable and safe.

#4 Feel

Also, you need to find out whether the shoe can give you a very comfortable feel. Does it feel right and comfortable when worn? Does it complement your gait? Make sure that the shoe has the right feel so you won’t end up feeling extreme discomfort when participating in the challenging event.

#5 Instep And Heel

These two factors should also contribute to your buying decision. The upper of the shoe must be snug. However, it shouldn’t be too tight nor hot around its instep.

In terms of the heel, you will know that it is the right one if you can easily slide your feet in and out when it’s laced. The heel should have a snug fit but it should not be tight.

Other Traits That Make A Good Tough Mudder Shoe

Aside from the factors mentioned above, it is also important to figure out whether the shoe has all the qualities needed for a footwear that you can safely wear for such a challenging event. One positive trait to look out for is a grippy outsole.

Such outsole can help in accommodating stumps, mud, and stones. A wider toe box is also a must as this aids in preventing the risk of toe-stubbing. Keep in mind that if a toe-stub takes place, a wider toe box can help ensure that there is a tough material in front that can reduce the impact.

Another quality to look for is an abrasion-resistant upper. This specific feature is a huge help in preventing the risk of tearing when exposed to a sharp stone or stick. This is a major help in keeping you safe while enjoying the event.


When learning how to choose the right shoes for tough mudder, remember that there are plenty of elements that you have to keep in mind. Find out which one really suits you based on comfort and sturdiness.

Also, make sure to pick a brand and manufacturer that are already known in providing high-quality footwear so you can increase your chances of making the right investment.

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