Run For Your Life! Finding The Best Running Track Near Me


Are you a running or marathon enthusiast? I am! If you are just like me, I am pretty sure you have already experienced looking for running tracks. And I’m pretty sure you know that looking for one could be tricky.


It is significant for any runner, professional or amateur, to be able to look for a good place to run. And by “good place” I mean a smooth, well-plowed or cemented field. The beautiful scenery around it is another bonus.

Believe it or not, a running track could make or break a runner’s career, especially if he or she races. An unleveled field could harm anyone’s foot. Tripping would be the last thing you would want to happen in the course of your running, of course.

However, as I mentioned, it could be a little challenging to look for a track that is both nice and accessible. You might always be asking, “How do I find a running track near me?”

For starters, not all neighborhoods have them which means you have to travel farther from home. Or, if you are a professional runner, you might only want to consider a real oval made specifically for racing.

This article will go over a few tips on how to look for a running track near you. By following these easy steps, you will be able to find yourself running happily in no time.

What You Will Need

Before we go through the list of things you will need, know that this isn’t strict. I mean you do not need to have all of them nor spend too much money on them.This list only suggests the things you will need in case you find them necessary for your “quest.”

Likewise, you have all the freedom to pick which ones are to be prioritized. The following ideas are lifted from a few tips on an article posted by

#1 A Phone (A Mobile Phone, Preferably)

Yes, you read that right. You’ll need a phone to contact your friends, family and everyone else who is “in the know” of running tracks. Having a wide array of contacts will help you find the perfect location.

I am pretty sure that at least one of the people you know could refer you to someone, so no need to lose hope. I suggested a mobile phone because you would always want to be on the go even when you’re calling everybody. Besides, offices are the only ones left that use landline phones today, right?

#2 A Route Locator Or Simply A GPS Tracker

This one is a no-brainer. This might even be the first thing that has crossed your mind while you look for the nearest running track.

It is relatively easy to look use a GPS tracker or maybe even a Google map. However, these tools are not specific to tracks only. The names of the areas might be registered on these maps, but not all.

It would still be best to use software whose main job is to look for running fields alone. This way you will be sure of not getting on the wrong foot. One website or link that could help is that of Fit Link’s.

How To Find A Running Track Near You

The following instructions are not too strict either. These are more of tips that could be handy for your search. If in case you find them too difficult or time-consuming, you can always choose to do it your way.

However, these are some surely convenient ways to do it. These are again lifted from’s article.

#1 Run Around Your Neighborhood First

This first step is certainly the best way for you to gather information about running tracks in your area. You can jog or drive your car around your village to meet your neighbors.

The point is for you to be able to ask around for suggestions or, even better, for directions. It would be best to jog than drive, though. The other joggers may just be the right people to get the info from.

According to the article, you could also specifically look for local high schools around your neighborhood. Some of these schools have track teams, and that would mean the school has their field.

If this is the case, you can ask the school administrators if the field is open to the public. That is a smart move, right? But of course, you have to check on the school first. Not all schools, even the big ones, have them.

#2 Contact Gyms And Fitness Centers Near You

Now this one is helpful. If you are not yet a member of a gym in your neighborhood, I suggest that you enroll yourself now. If you are, then you might just be a step away from finding that track.

But if you aren’t interested in doing a gym program, that’s okay. You can just ask some fitness instructor or member of the club if he knows something.

The point of contacting these gyms is to ask if they have an available running track facility. There are some gyms or public fitness centers that open such. You will be lucky to find one.

#3 Use An Online Running Track Locator

This is where you could make use of your GPS tracker. It could go well with a running track locator available online. Again, as mentioned above, there are links like Fit Link that you could use. If you are Internet-savvy, this may workout just right for you.

#4 Join A Running Club

If all the online searching fails, you can resort to finding local running clubs near you. The membership fee you will be paying will be worth it because the members will surely know where the best spot to run is.

Also, running clubs are always invited to attend fun runs and marathons everywhere. The organizers of these events are usually tied up with the running tracks, so there you have it!

#5 Ask Your Friends

Lastly, ask your friends and family members. Now it seems as though is the last resort, but it could be your first choice. Who knows, you might even be surprised to know there are running enthusiasts in your family and group of friends. Then you’ll have something to talk about over reunions and parties.


That’s about it! I’m sure you noticed that all of these instructions involve mingling with other people. Well, how we find the best running track near us is just a matter of public engagement. It is always easier to find any specific location with the help of other people, right?

Running usually comes across as an individual sport or activity. I do hope that we have somehow “debunked” that with these tips. You can always run on your own in peace, but it’s nice to have other interesting people with you too.

I do hope you enjoyed reading this article and found the mini “tutorial” helpful. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to write them down below. If I missed out on other important tips, please let me know. Happy running!

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