The Best Running Team Names For Your Marathon

In running, it’s not only important that you have undergone rigorous training or a strict diet. Sometimes, having the confidence and the proper mindset for running is also affected by having different running team names. 


​For instance, you wouldn’t want to be named the “Sisters with Blisters” if you guys are brothers, right? Creating an appropriate running team name might not be as significant as your diet or your workout program, but it is important.

It is also important that your running team name fits the personality of your group. It must be catchy so that when you hear it or when you do your “group cheer,” you’ll end up becoming more inspired. Not the other way around.

However, do not overdo it. Always remember that less is more. Do not opt for a funny but an embarrassing running team name just to be catchy. Choose a team name that you and your teammates will be proud of!

#1 Blazing Glory

Blazing Glory sounds quite familiar if you first heard of it. This is probably because of Bon Jovi’s song “Blaze of Glory.” Moreover, there’s another film that sounds similar to it. What film, you ask? None other than the famous “Blades of Glory,” a show about ice skating.

This is where you can cleverly put the Blazing Glory name. It can sound both serious yet also funny. It’s saying that your feet and legs are both blazing in stress and heat.

However, you’re doing so in glory. It’s a lovely name that makes your team honorable and witty.

#2 Scrambled Legs

Here’s something more unoriginal, but the name is just a classic that you might not be able to pass it up. Scrambled legs may sound awfully familiar if you’re following the National Football League.

This is because it’s a name associated with the Denver Broncos. Their online game is called “Scrambled legs” which you can play here. With that said, don’t be scared to use this name for it’s a sweet and clever way to make people laugh.

Scrambled legs is a good way to tell the world that running is no joke and that it will scramble your legs!

#3 Natural Selection

If you’re a team full of smart and scientific-minded runners, natural selection is a funny name. You wouldn’t need to have a Ph.D. in Biology to know what this means. Running is a fitness game. The most muscular men can lose to the slimmest women.

This is because running is all about functionality and technique. Having a big and bulky team doesn’t guarantee victory. It’s all about the survival of the fittest.

And in case you’re wondering, fitness is measured by activity, not by appearance. May the best homo sapiens sapiens win!

#4 We Thought They Said Rum

For our the next three in our list, we will get a few of the best running team names from previous marathons. This could inspire you on making your team creative running team name.

“We Thought They Said Rum” will make anybody laugh. It’s quite a long name, but it charms the audience. If you’re a bunch of carefree men in your team, with dad bods and beer bellies, then this is for you.

Just imagine if a bunch of dads looking like the cast from The Hangover named their team as We Thought They Said Rum. You'll laugh your heart out waiting for them to say “Here, hold my beer.”

#5 Agony Of Defeet

Feeling pessimistic about your team and you guys just want to laugh it out? Don’t worry. Running isn’t all about winning. Sometimes, you just have to finish the race fair and square, enduring the race ‘til the end.

The Agony of Defeet is a two-way laugh. Hence, it’s two times funnier. The creative use of two words here is a crowd pleaser. The words Defeat and Feet with Agony make you think that running is again, no joke.

#6 Smells Like Teen Spirit

Is your team a fan of Nirvana? Or are you just a bunch of wannabe runners who think they’re still energetic teenagers? The Smells Like Teen Spirit is an iconic rock n’ roll song from Nirvana. Who would’ve thought that it would make a good running team name?

Of course, it’s not that catchy if you’re young and fresh-looking runners. But in case you’re a team full of parents suffering from middle-age crisis, then this might be for you!

#7 Keep Calm And Cramp On

Speaking of teen spirit, here’s a modern joke that can be almost suitable for anything. It’s a meme that took the internet in the 21st century. Consequently, Millennials are the best audience for this smart and funny meme.

If you want to have a remembrance, printing a shirt with this name will make things even better. After all, you see this meme left and right from teenagers’ shirts. It’s perfect for the young and the humorous.

#8 Sisters With Blisters

The 8th team name on this list is probably one of the best names for an all-girls team. If you’re a team of ladies that doesn’t look like they’re athletes or runners, then this is a perfect name.

Having blisters comes from a lot of things, be it in heels, the wrong size, or running. The rhyming words make this name even better. It’s short, funny, and lady-like. So use this name if you’re ready for those blisters, sisters!

#9 Hell On Heels

Speaking of blisters, running is probably as worse as walking on high heels. This is where the funny Hell on Heels enters. It’s another great name for women who don’t look like they run in marathons now and then.

It’s also a great name for the sassy-looking ladies. You know? These women who give off that Sex in the City cast that just so happens to participate in a fundraising event.

Just be sure not to come in the event with actual heels, don’t make your team name as hellish as it sounds!

#10 Happy Feet

The last item on our list is a little more positive compared to the previous ones. Happy Feet is a creative use of cartoon movie Happy Feet. Except for this case, you’re using the name for running instead of dancing.

However, people can still take this cute team name as sarcastic. This is true in most cases because running is quite daunting for others. But don’t worry, if you’re a happy runner and an advocate for it, then this is a great team name to have.

It’s Not Just About The Name

At the end of the day, running is all about having fun and finishing the race safely and fairly. Having a name is a great way to boost your team’s confidence and morale, but it doesn’t end there. Having a happy and dedicated team is the most important factor in a race.

With that said, a cool and creative name that all of your team’s members have agreed upon is a great start. Who knows, your running team name might be remembered for years if the performance lives up to it as well. Have fun running!

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