How To Ease Pain On Outside Of Foot With Home Remedies

The human body is amazing—it performs tasks for extended periods and repairs whatever damage these tasks do to it. It may sound a bit superficial, but the human body is capable of repairing itself. The repair mechanism starts fast during childhood and, depending on a person’s diet, and lifestyle may dwindle as one gets old.


Among the parts of the human body that endure strain and damage are the feet. The feet constantly supports a person’s weight and is subject to strain. Typically, the feet can absorb strain.

As a person grows old, however, the repair mechanisms in the body slows down, as well. If your feet is subjected to constant strain, it may need to be rested fully—else suffer from pain on outside of foot.

Peroneal Tendonitis

Pain On Outside Of Foot

Pain on the outside of the foot, also called peroneal tendonitis, occurs whenever the peroneal tendons degenerate and become irritated or inflamed as a result of exposure to tension for a prolonged period. Among the activities that negatively impacts the peroneal tendons is running and jogging.

Other Causes Of Foot Pain

Although pain on the outside of the foot is caused, most of the time, by peroneal tendonitis, there are also others. To address the problem of pain in the feet, you must be aware of other factors.

Baby Toe

Pain On Outside Of Foot

People who regularly wear shoes that do not fit their feet perfectly risk the chance of having their pinky toe curled. If left unchecked or if the cause of this condition is not addressed, the feet can develop corns that will aggravate the pain.

Metatarsal Stress Fracture

Pain On Outside Of Foot

Even low-strain exercises can cause damage in the feet which eventually leads to pain. Over use of the feet can cause micro fractures in the bone of the feet. This leads to pain.

The location of the pain depends on which bone is fractured. Metatarsal stress fracture, however, can often cause pain on both sides of the foot. The pain on the side of the foot usually starts off mild and bearable. Over time, however, the pain worsens.

5th Metatarsal Shaft Fracture

Pain On Outside Of Foot

Even the feet can get fractured. Of all the fractures in the bones of the feet, the 5th metatarsal shaft fracture is the most serious—often requiring immediate aid.

Foot Arthritis

This illness causes a deep, painful sensation in front of the ankle. This illness is caused by the wear and tear sustained by the cartilage that protects the joint on the top and side of the foot.

There are two main forms of arthritis: inflammatory arthritis which is caused by an abnormal inflammatory response, and osteoarthritis which is brought about by aging. Of the two forms, foot pain is more commonly caused by rheumatoid arthritis.


Pain On Outside Of Foot

Bunions deform the foot and cause pain on the outside of the foot. Usually, the deformity (and, hence, the pain) involves the big toe.

This illness is usually caused by poof fitting shoes that encourage the big toe to rotate inward and point towards other toes. This results in the bone at the base of the big toe to be oriented outward. Bunions do not only cause pain, but it also causes redness and inflammation.

Common Household Remedies for Foot Pain

The following are home remedies that may give immediate remedy to foot pain. If the cause of foot pain is not that serious, these remedies might help address the problem for good.

However, we don’t encourage you to rely on these home remedies for long-term effect. It’s still best to see your doctor and arrive at more permanent and proven treatments for foot pain.

#1 Hot and Cold Water

Exposing your feet to hot and cold water alternatingly can help reduce or alleviate foot pain. Theoretically, the warm water can promote blood flow and relax the muscles while the cold water can ease inflammation and reduce or eliminate the pain.

To perform this remedy, simply fill a bucket with warm or bearably hot water and the other with cold water. While sitting in a chair, submerge your feet in the bucket of hot water first for three to five minutes.

Afterward, remove your feet from the bucket of warm water and submerge it to the other that has cold water in it. Do this for about 30-60 seconds.Repeat the process again for 3-5 times or until the pain subsides. If you find this step very grueling, you can use a heating pad and an ice pack instead.

#2 Vinegar And Epsom Salt

Pain On Outside Of Foot

Vinegar has been used by many as part of treatment for pain due to its ability to reduce inflammation and pain. This process is similar to using hot water with the only difference that you add vinegar and salt in the water.

Prepare a bucket or a tub of hot water. Ensure that you test the water and find that it’s bearably hot before using it. Add in Epsom or sea salt (or any salt available to you) and two tablespoons of vinegar.

Soak your feet in the tub or bucket for 20 minutes to half an hour. For best results, you can also use two buckets: one with cold water and another with hot water. This way, you can take advantage of the soothing effects of hot and cold water as well as the anti-inflammatory effects of salt and vinegar.

#3 Clove oil

Pain On Outside Of Foot

Clove oil has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It has been widely used for all types of pain including a headache and joint pain.

Just massage your feet with clove oil. Massaging it will somehow warm up the feet and promote blood flow. Do this several times a day or whenever your feet hurt. Apply close oil and massage an aching foot until the pain subsides.

#4 Cayenne Pepper

Pain On Outside Of Foot

You may think that cayenne pepper and painful foot do not pair up well. Heat, however, can sooth pain. Cayenne pepper, although not hot, can stimulate the nerves and create the sensation of warmth or heat.

In addition, Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin—the very same substance responsible for the hot sensation you feel. Capsaicin is known to relieve aches and pains of the muscles as well as pain in the lower back and feet.

Most feet hurt whenever they feel cold. If your foot pain is initiated by coldness, sprinkle cayenne pepper in your socks first before putting them on. The capsaicin in the cayenne pepper will keep your feet warm.

You can also use cayenne powder in conjunction with hot water. Add half a teaspoon of cayenne powder to half a bucket of water (hot). Soak your feet in the mixture for 5-10 minutes or until the pain subsides. Not only will it help alleviate pain, the cayenne pepper and the warmth of the water will also sooth your nerves and remove tension.


Pain On Outside Of Foot

Pain is our body’s way of informing us of an injury. It’s also the way of the body to heal the injured area. The home remedies provided in this article are meant to alleviate pain and ease discomfort. However, unless the cause of the pain is adequately addressed, it will still recur.

The best way is to see your doctor for him or her to assess what’s causing the pain. Only then will you be able to receive an appropriate treatment designed to ease your discomfort and pain for long.

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