Does Running Make You Taller Quickly? This Benefit Will Leave You Speechless

Does running make you taller or is it just a myth? To finally unveil the answer, our fitness experts know the answer that will totally leave you speechless.


Does running make you taller

You see, at some point in your life, you have been told by your parents and other relatives about the perks of doing your runs every morning.

These benefits include reduced the risk of cardiovascular diseases, enhanced mental health, boosted energy levels, increased weight loss, and more.

However, a benefit of running that you may not have heard of is that it makes a person taller.

The Benefits Of Running For Your Height

Running is a high-impact exercise. Sprinting is also a high-intensity workout that brings so many advantages.


In fact, it can even improve your heart and lungs functioning, lowers high blood pressure, enhances flexibility, boosts bone density levels, and can even fight different sorts of cancer.

However, these are not the only fascinating perks you can get from sprinting. Did you know that it can also increase your height quickly? Yes, that’s right!

Experts suggest that running can help you add a few more inches in your height because of its physiological effects in the body.

Does running make you taller quickly? Some triggering factors cause this change in your body’s appearance.

Running Manages Your Posture

Running Manages Your Posture

Your body position while running contributes to your height gain. When you are running, you need to relax your shoulders, put your chin up, place your chest back and stand tall.

When you do your proper form when running, your body tends to release the stress in the body which may constrict your muscles. It may happen if you have a hunchback posture.

If you follow the correct position of your body while sprinting, you can add up to 2 inches of height in your spine. Moreover, running can give enough stretch in your spine. Thus, this will make you taller.

Running Makes Your Body Look Sleek

Running Makes Your Body Look Sleek

Sprinting cannot just contribute in your proper posture, but it can also properly shape up your entire body. In that way, you look leaner and sleeker when running. It also gets rid of the spinal curvature to make you form a taller and straighter body frame.

Sprinting Fuels Your Growth Hormone

Sprinting Fuels Your Growth Hormone

In fact, the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism reports that high-intensity workouts can stimulate your growth hormones in the body. It heightens the growth hormone when it combines with some effects of exercises.

The efficiency of running in increasing your height can be proved by marathon runners. Additionally, the growth hormones during sprinting may take effect for more than 24 hours even after your training.

Running Repairs Microfractures In Your Bones

Running Repairs Microfractures In Your Bones

Long distance running at high speeds may cause you to develop microfractures, especially in your lower shin and parts of your tibia. However, it can help in increasing your height when you ossify or repair your microfractures in the bone.

The ratio of healing your microfractures is greater than your average bone change. It may occur once in every after three years. Hence, running can help you enhance your bone length and increase your height gain.

Other factors

However, there are still various factors that contribute to your height gain. These factors do not really link up with running.

Other Forms Of High-Intensity Exercises

High-intensity Exercises

Other than sprinting, there are also some other factors that increase your size. Other exercises like pelvic shift, hopping with one leg, cobra stretch, dry land swim, pilates roll over, and more may also help you gain your height.

Correctly Following Your Runner’s Diet

Runner’s Diet

Moreover, you can increase your height by following the runner’s diet. It may include some micro and macronutrients found in fish, milk, liver, carrots, cheese, green veggies, apples, potatoes, yellow vegetables, beans, peanuts, and more.

Getting Enough Sleep

Getting Enough Sleep

Getting your required sleeping pattern can also contribute immensely to the release of your growth hormone. Your growth hormone manufactured in the pituitary gland goes into your bloodstream during production.

Its peak of liberation occurs during your sleep, especially when your body is at full rest. The growth hormone gives your bones its length and density. Thus, having enough sleep makes you taller.


happy running

If you are regularly following your running exercise plan, and you are trying to push yourself to complete your training, your height will most likely improve through your sprints. It is not just a mere myth.

As a matter of fact, it has been backed by various scientific studies. These research studies have claimed that your height can increase up to 2 to 3 inches permanently if you stick to your running exercise plan. The changes in your bone structure during running can help you grow and remodel your bones.

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