Can Running Give You Abs In No Time? It’s Not What You Think

Can running give you abs? For a perfectly sculpted abdominal section, running can help you achieve that six pack. Not only that it gives you lifted butts, toned legs, and less body fat, but it can also define your abdominal section.


can running give you abs

​That is why runners run trails almost every day. But did you know that beginners or even pro runners most of the time feel a delayed onset pain in their abdominal area? You do not need to panic when you feel this.

In fact, this is a great indication that you are properly working out your abs through running. If you want to show that six pack on short notice, you need to know these factors.

Running Does Not Directly Emphasize Your Abs?

It is true that running may cause you to shed off your belly flab. However, it does not target your abdominal area directly. Running may work your leg and thigh muscles, including your calves, tibialis anterior, quadriceps, and hamstrings.

The abdominal muscles work together with your lower back muscles to steady your core as you are running. You upper oblique muscles support your waist as you twist, especially when you swing your arms back and forth as you run.

To target your abs, you need to incorporate your running exercise with some other movements, including crunches, sit-ups, and leg lifts.




sit ups

Leg lifts

leg lift

Even though running does not immediately emphasize your abdominal muscles, you can still incorporate running to sculpt your muscles. Running burns some layers of fat to help you show off your abs.


With that, here are some useful tips to aid you to make the most of your running exercise:

 #1 Running In Varying Intervals

As you practice this, you should have alternating periods of jogging and sprinting. When you jog, you burn more calories, while as you run, it makes your body shed off calories for a longer duration.


Therefore, when you do the two activities together, it will maximize the total number of calories you will burn.

#2 Incorporate Some Abdominal Workouts

To get faster results, you need to supplement your running with some abs exercises to target your abdominal region.

In fact, a research study made by the American Council on Exercise proved that doing the captain’s chair, torso tracks, vertical leg crunches, and bicycle maneuver are known as the most efficient abdominal workouts.

Captain's chair

Torso tracks

Vertical leg crunches

Bicycle maneuver

Thus, you need to incorporate them in your running routines to get your abs boosted in no time.

#3 Promote Proper Nutrition

For your running exercise and other abs exercise to become more efficient, you should also have to make sure that you eat right. You must avoid consuming eating added sugars and unhealthy fats.


These foods will delay or even decrease your efforts of shedding your belly flab. What you need to focus on is your proper nutrition.

You need to reduce or avoid unhealthy foods in your diet. Instead, you should eat foods rich in nutrients and vitamins.

#4 Stop Overtraining Your Abdominal Muscles

Overtraining your abdominal muscles will never get you from point A to point B quickly. Instead, it delays and halts better results.

over training

In fact, Bridgewater State University claimed in its article that overtraining your abdominal area may yield less result. Thus, you need to plan and carry out your exercises just at least three times a week for a faster effect.

#5 Does Running Give You That Killer Abs?

Killer abdominal muscles are probably the desired physical characteristic in most gym-goers, athletes, and weight lifters. Thus, many people are trying on different workout routines and fitness products just to develop a highly defined six pack.

However, you should bear in mind that running and any aerobic exercises can also work to emphasize your abs.

A reason why you should facilitate jogging or sprinting in your workout routines is that it can efficiently burn your belly fat.

In a research study conducted by the Duke University Medical Center, it has been proved that aerobic workouts or cardio exercises can burn over 67 percent of your total calories that your resistance training.

Thus, running at least two to three times a week can shed off belly fat faster.

point at belly abs

However, some people just have too many layers of fat that cover your six pack. In fact, some individuals may not have noticed their killer abs because the excess fat prevents the muscles from showing.


Running may help in targeting your abdominal muscles. However, running alone will not show off results quickly. You still need to follow the four recommended tips above given by our fitness experts to develop those well-defined abs.

Most notably, you also need to remember that you cannot define your abs if you do not work on burning your belly flab. Thus, you need to start running two to three times per week to shed off your calories and fat. That way, your killer six pack will appear in no time!

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