5 Of The Best Triathlon Watch – 2017 Reviews And Top Picks

If you want to run in a triathlon and you are considering buying a new watch, there are some factors you have to consider. You need to look for a watch that can cope up with the three top activities of the competition.


So, the best triathlon watch has to be compatible with three primary things: setting for cycling, a mode for open water swim, and a lap timer.

There are three events when you join in a triathlon. So, you need to focus on these events to know the features you have to consider, including running, swimming, and cycling.

While there are a lot of watches with decent features fitting for an event or two, you need to have a watch with the three factors.

There are some features that you must consider when it comes to selecting your triathlon watch. Below, we have made a guide to assist you in understanding what you have to buy.

If you already have your preferences, you need to compare that with the features included in our list.

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Swimming Metrics

Best Triathlon Watch

Swimming is one of the vital areas in your training for a triathlon. But, what you need to look for in the watch is its waterproofing ability. In an ATM or waterproofing of 5 or more, this is ideal for swimming. So, you should go for a watch with these two key factors:

Efficiency For Swimming

Best Triathlon Watch

SWOLF or swimming efficiency is a tracking method that calculates your performance while swimming. You can compute this by adding the total number of strokes each pool length.

Then, you have to divide this by the total time for every length. It is an essential tracking tool to enhance your speed in swimming.

But, it may still lack accuracy when it comes to joining competitions like triathlon. That’s why you should consider the next option, which is the mode for open water swim.

Open Water Swim Mode

Best Triathlon Watch

Different waterproof watches can keep track of your swimming. However, only a few comes with a setting for open water swim.

If you are competing in a triathlon, you need to take note that they will hold a triathlon in open water. So, you should not expect swimming pools during the race.

Because of this, you have to think a couple of times before you buy a watch without such feature. That way, you will make sure of the accuracy of your tracking metric in the race.

Running Metrics

Best Triathlon Watch

It is a must for a triathlon to track running using a smartwatch or other fitness trackers. But, there are few advanced settings for tracking you should search for when choosing a triathlon watch.

It will help you get the most of your training if you have these features: ground contact time, cadence, and vertical oscillation.

When you say rhythm, it defines the steps you take every minute. It is an important variable in the running, and it will be affected by your stride length, height, and weight.

Moreover, ground contact time is a tracking tool that looks after your total time when your feet hit the floor or would lift off.

Then, we have the oscillation. It is the amount of time you can bounce up and down with every step.

To find the right watch considering the running metrics, you have to consider these three terms, especially when training for running events. So, you need to pick a watch with all of these three factors included for a better performance in triathlon.

Cycling Metrics

Best Triathlon Watch

A lot of smart watches have the capacity to calculate running and will also have a mode for cycling. Moreover, you can also use cadence to measure the rotations each minute.

You should also consider the GPS feature of the watch to measure the distance and speed. For cycling, here’s what you need to find:

Power Meter

You should also consider looking for a power meter if you want to measure your biking accurately.You can pair it with your smartwatch with ANT and functionality.

It will give you the proper cycle tracking you will need. But, these items are not affordable for many people.

Measure Heart Rate

Some watches come with an internal accelerometer that can track down your fitness level.

However, if you want to pair your watch with a different heart rate measuring device, it will boost the accuracy of your runs. A few years ago, heart rate monitors and fitness trackers were not present on devices.

But now, it seems that most of the watches have the capacity to use a device with a heart rate sensor. For runners, this is a good thing because you will take advantage of this feature during training and the actual competition.

Additional Tips When Choosing A Triathlon Watch

So, to select the best triathlon watch, here are the two other things to take note:

#1 Consider Your Budget Limit

Best Triathlon Watch

When it comes to purchasing a triathlon watch, always consider your budget restraints. Some of these watches may range from $50 to $500. So, your budget will help you find the right features you’ll need in the competition.

For instance, it will be a great thing to have a GPS on your watch. But, ask yourself: do you need it?

An Apple watch would be innovative, but what features are in it? The reality is that you can go to your local store and pick a watch that can count laps for only $50 and it will be beneficial for your needs.

#2 Research The Watches Available

Best Triathlon Watch

You need to look for watches in physical stores and online shops and see their differences. Also, you may check out their reviews.

It will be essential to ask other users, especially triathletes about the watch and why they chose the model. Also, ask how contented they are in using them.

Top 5 Of The Best Triathlon Watch – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

1. Sigma Sports RC Move

Via Amazon.com

When you combine the Sigma Sports RC move with an iPhone and the Sigma move app, this will be an extraordinary tool for triathletes to use.

Plus, it comes with the training tools you have to value, including music management, GPS, and voice control. Then, it prioritizes your distance, speed, heart rate, and lap values. It will even display these factors on a convenient screen. After every lap, the voice coach will let you know of the primary values.

Also, you can manage the music playlist from your iPhone to the RC move. And after every training, you can connect with your friends as you can share the information through Facebook and Twitter.

Also, the great features included in this watch are ECG heart rate monitor, downloadable heart rate monitor, Bluetooth wireless sharing, soft and lightweight silicone band, and a compatible app for your iPhone.


  • I have been using the RC move for a few months now, and so far, I love its features.
  • Also, it is easy and convenient to use for triathlons and other running competitions.
  • I never had any issue with its GPS, Bluetooth wireless transmission, and heart rate monitor.
  • In fact, it records accurate heart rate values during your runs.
  • The band on my watch is also super soft and comfortable. It won’t leave marks on your skin.


  • So far, the downside of this watch is that it is only compatible with iPhones.
  • So, for Android users, you cannot use this watch for running.

2. Garmin Forerunner 935 Running

Via Amazon.com

This model from Garmin comes with a high-quality GPS triathlon/running capacity. Also, it can measure your heart rate while running. It can provide you the hi-tech multi-sport and run features you need all day long.

Plus, it is comfortable to use, and it is lightweight. It only weights about 49 grams. Also, it can provide you with altimeter, barometer, and electronic compass. It can even keep track of your training status.


  • So far, I am super satisfied with this triathlon watch.
  • Also, it is very comfortable and lightweight to use.
  • Every single feature of the watch works well.
  • Moreover, what I like about this watch are its battery life and charge speed.


  • What I do not like about this model is that it does not allow me to store and play music from the watch. If only they can add these features, then everything would be perfect.

3. Garmin Forerunner 220

Via Amazon.com

The Garmin Forerunner 220 is a GPS running watch. Its display is easy to read and comes with color. Also, it can even track down your pace and distance. The watch can also determine your personal information and records.

It is compatible with training plans that come free of charge with Garmin Connect. Moreover, it is very stylish and convenient to use.


  • I can assure you that you can use the Garmin Forerunner 220 both in the city and rural areas.
  • It can vibrate and beep whenever it warns you of certain information, which is a great feature.
  • Also, it comes with a split time function to keep track of your runs.
  • Then, you can adjust the band from small to large, depending on the size of your wrists.


  • A downfall of this model from Garmin is that it does not come with heart rate monitor. For me, this is an essential feature for runners, especially triathletes.

4. Garmin Forerunner 920XT Watch

Via Amazon.com

The Garmin Forerunner 920 XT comes with a heart rate monitor with a red border surrounding it. But, the color will never affect the functions of the model.

When you combine this feature, then this watch will give you feedback based on vertical oscillation, cadence, and contact time. Also, it can measure your distance, speed, grade, ascent or descent, etc.

What’s even better is you can notice your incoming texts, emails, calendar reminders, and call alerts with this watch. In fact, it is compatible with smartphones. The Forerunner 920XT can even estimate your recovery time, VO@ max, and race times.


  • For me, this is an excellent watch with amazing battery life. You can use it anytime you want without draining out easily.
  • Also, this model is sleeker and more innovative than other Garmin watches.
  • Then, it comes with a color display, which gives it a plus point for me.
  • The buttons on this watch are also softer than any other models available.


  • What I do not like about this product is that the HRM strap would often provide erroneous readings. That’s why I cannot rely on it fully.

5. Timex Ironman Classic 30 Watch

Via Amazon.com

This Timex Ironman Classic 30 watch has a design for iconic performance. Also, it comes with a 30-lap memory for your daily training. Then, it even has an alarm and countdown timer for your convenience while running.

It has an Indiglo light-up feature, and it is water resistant for up to 330 feet. So, it is ideal for snorkeling and swimming. But, you cannot use it for diving.


  • The Timex Ironman Classic 30 is better than what I had expected. It is innovative and easy to use.
  • The Indiglo light-up function is essential because I can use this during night time.
  • Also, I like that this is water resistant, so I can carry it with me when I swim at the beach or when I travel and go snorkeling.
  • It is comfortable to use, and it is not bulky at all.


  • At first, I was disappointed because it didn’t come with a manual for instructions.
  • Also, after a few weeks of use, the band starts to break apart.

In Conclusion...

If you are new to triathlon and you want to buy a new watch to improve your importance during your training, then you have to choose the Sigma Sports RC Move.

You have to take note that a triathlon will have cycling, swimming, and running in it. So, to boost your chances of completing or winning the race is to buy the right gear for you.

And the Sports RC is just the best of the best when it comes to triathlon watches. Not only that it considers the three areas during the competition, but it is also convenient and easy to use for beginners and pros.

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