The Best Supplements For Runners To Boost Endurance And Strength

One of the most commonly asked questions by many runners is, “what are the best supplements for runners?”. If you are seriously training for a marathon or any running competition, you are most probably looking for methods and strategies to increase your endurance, general health, and performance.


Like any other athletes, the supplement industry has offered a lot of supplements that function specifically for the use of runners. If you are an athlete who wants to add any supplement on your way towards success, then read on to know the best supplements for runners.

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Supplements Help In Boosting Endurance And Performance

best supplements for runners

Although there are so many products claiming and promising of a better result than others, remember that nutrition will always be the key. However, a supplement may also add up to your overall fitness and health, especially when training for a competition.

If you are always monitoring your health when you run on a day-to-day basis, you will also be conscious of what you eat. Thus, you will need to get enough nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to pursue your training.

But nowadays, you will have a hard time keeping up with proper nutrition because of your tight schedule and other responsibilities. It is the reason why you need to keep up by taking supplements.

That’s why our fitness experts have put together the five essential supplements that runners will benefit most not only used for running outside but also for running inside and hit the treadmill. Bear in mind that these supplements are also found in many food groups and are safe to consume.

I. ​​Iron Supplement To Fight Your Fatigue

iron supplements

​This supplement is especially important for female runners because they are more prone to iron deficiency than males. Why? It is because female athletes undergo menstruation every month, which adds up to the risk of having anemia.

Moreover, studies have claimed that runners are very prone to iron deficiency. Although the reason is still unclear, it may point out to the reason that of excessively sweating during training.

If a runner may experience anemia, he or she may feel abnormally fatigued on his or her everyday life. Fatigue may decrease the capacity to keep on going and make training so difficult to handle. 

If you are a runner and your iron levels are low, you should try taking iron supplements, particularly ferrous sulfate.

For women, they could take up to 15 grams of iron, while men could take 10 grams each day. And because iron helps in muscle oxygenation, it will assist in enhancing the VO2max, which can increase an athlete’s performance

II. Calcium Supplement For Your Bone Density

best supplements for runners

People should understand the connection between calcium and bone density. You see, low calcium levels may cause osteoporosis, and having osteoporosis will end your running career. 

Thus, you need to take it seriously. But, if you get enough of calcium in your meals, then you won’t have to worry.

However, in a study by the Cooper Clinic, results have claimed that 75% of runners have lacked vitamin D. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium found in food to keep your bones strong and away from the risk of fractures and injuries from running.

So, you may need the combination of vitamin D and calcium for better absorption.

III. Caffeine Supplement To Boost Up Your Performance

best supplements for runners

Caffeine serves as a performance enhancer among many athletes. More than 2/3 of the total population of Olympic athletes gain performance through caffeine supplements.

Other than boosting up your mental alertness and sharpness, it also helps in increasing your body’s capacity to turn fat into energy.

It also helps in increasing reacting time and coordination. Plus, it helps you get rid of the insight of effort to make your running effortless and natural.

Besides, caffeine also helps you recover after running. But, it will only assist you if used with carbohydrates. Recent studies have proven that drinking supplement containing caffeine and carbs will help your body recreate glycogen storage up to 66%.

And if you want enhanced performance, you will want to consume caffeine immediately during or before your runs. Experts suggest that the intake of caffeine per day is approximately 550 milligrams, which is equal to around five cups of your favorite coffee.

IV. ​Whey Protein To Sustain Your Nutritional Needs

best supplements for runners

Protein is a vital nutrient in the body, especially for muscle growth. It composes around 17% of a person’s total body weight. Plus, it helps in your body regulation, and it maintains normal processes, including hydration, cellular healing, and fluid balance.

For daily consumption, protein is equal to around 0.36 grams per pound of weight. Although a lot of people take up more than the protein they need, runners still need a demanding amount of protein to sustain their proper nutrition.

As an athlete, you should consider consuming whey protein since it does not contain so many calories.

But, how can whey protein boost up your abilities as a runner? Whey protein restores the protein that you break down as you go running. It also aids you in building up lean tissue, which helps in your general muscle healing.

If your protein becomes lower than normal, you are more prone to injuries, and you may even lose more muscle mass. For runners, the recommended whey protein supplement is approximately 40 to 60 grams each day.

Remember to take whey protein before you start your daily runs for faster muscle recovery. However, if you opt to take it after your training, it will still work.

V. Creatine For Your Muscle Growth And Retrieval

Although many perceive that creatine is for weight lifters, it is not always the case! Every athlete will need some amino acid to get through their training. Creatine can even boost up your capacity for enhanced muscle growth and recovery process.

When you engage in running, creatine helps offset the adverse effects of cellular damage and muscle soreness and inflammation.

If you consume creatine supplements on a daily basis, it may lower your submaximal VO2 levels. It enables your body to use up oxygen more efficiently while you are active. It also helps you run faster in hot weather as it enhances your body’s capacity to remove sweat, and improves your heart rate.

A lot of runners consume creatine in the “loading phase” and in the “maintenance phase”. The loading phase lasts up to five days to create the requisite creatine levels, which is about 20 grams per day. The maintenance phase, on the other hand, will require about five grams of creatine per day.

​With the five supplements mentioned above, we have gathered the five best supplements for runners available on the market. Here are as follows:

Top 5 Best Supplements For Runner

1. TGS All Natural 100% Whey Protein Powder

It is made in the USA from a whey protein concentrate for good quality. A lot of users claim that this is a clean protein composing of only two components, with no added artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, and additives.

This whey protein is also high in protein and low in calorie and carbs. What makes it versatile is that both men and women can consume it.

And it is ideal for people on a low carbohydrate diet, for people who need post-workout muscle healing, and it is best as a replacement drink and supplementation.

It is not genetically modified, hormone free, gluten free, and rBGH free, which is ideal for health-conscious consumers.

You can manipulate its flavors since it is unflavored and unsweetened. The 2lb version is also perfect for fitness enthusiasts traveling in different places since it is easy to pack and carry with you.


    • It is a great substitute to organic protein powders.
    • It is also very healthy yet affordable.
    • It is simple to use since it is unflavored. Thus, you can quickly alter the flavor.
    • It has no unpleasant odor.
    • ...and it makes a good whey protein smoothie.


    • Although there are a lot of benefits, I have personally used this product, and when you mix it with plain water, it turns clumpy and tends to taste bland.

2. Coffee-In-A-Cap Natural Caffeine Supplement (200 mg + B-vitamins 100 mg)

It is a high-quality caffeine rich in vitamin D. This product is safe to use, and its formula is simple with no other blends mixed in it. Thus, this is from natural sources.

The capsules are coffee-flavored, which are ideal for coffee enthusiasts. A lot of consumers claim that it has the same effect of drinking 2 cups of coffee per day since it contains 200 mg of caffeine.


    • This is a high-quality supplement that gives an energy rush.
    • It is safe and efficient to use.
    • It is a natural booster of energy, specially made to improve energy and performance.
    • It also contains B-vitamins that are great energy enhancers.
    • This product is also perfect for those people who want an increase in their energy levels and want to focus more on their exercise, work, study, and any other physical activities.


    • Some client complains of its unpleasant taste like some other vitamins.
    • It has this aftertaste when you start to burp, a bitter taste remains.
    • If you are also ultra-sensitive to caffeine, it may cause irritation in your stomach.
    • Moreover, it may sometimes cause jitters or shakes.

​3. Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW Calcium

It is a whole food, organic calcium. It also contains other vitamins, including vitamin D3 and K2. It does not have limestone rock, animal bone, or chalk. It is also dairy free, gluten free, and it does not have additional fillers.

However, it boasts its contents like live probiotics and enzymes. It also has 22 organically grown vegetables and fruits.


    • It has good quality calcium from fruits and vegetables.
    • Consumers also love the fact that it contains magnesium, D3, and K2.
    • It also has enzymes and probiotics, which are great for digestion.


    • The only turn-down is that the daily dose is five capsules, 3 in the morning and two at lunch.
    • Thus, it's hard to remember to take three capsules with breakfast and two capsules with lunch.

​​4. Nature Made Iron 65 mg, 180 tablets

This iron supplement is equal to 325 mg ferrous sulfate, which is perfect for the buildup of your red blood cells.

There is no starch, gluten, and yeast added. There are no other preservatives and artificial flavors added. It is an organic and raw iron.


    • This iron supplement is high-quality since it does not have yeast, starch, gluten, added flavors, and preservatives.
    • In fact, I have been taking this product for quite some time now, and I can say that it improved my iron levels.
    • It also gives me enough energy for the day.


    • Sometimes, it may cause constipation, a reasonable effect of iron supplements.

​5. Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder

This supplement is CreaPure creatine. It completely dissolves well in citrus drinks and hot beverages. It claims to boost muscle power and strength.

It is also great to take during high-intensity workouts, especially for CrossFitters. It also boasts that its creatine content amps recovery rates and energy levels.


    • This is an amazing creatine supplement. It dissolves well in hot drinks and citrus beverages, unlike any other creatine.
    • The creatine's fine powder mixes well with smoothie and protein shakes. It has an excellent value for money.


    • The concentration of this creatine is pretty impressive. However, some user claims that they have gained a few pounds of water weight after using this product.
    • Also, it leaves a gritty texture if you do not mix the product properly.


As a runner, you can certainly go with any of these supplements as long as they enhance your performance and health. Moreover, these five supplements prove to have compelling benefits for runners.

However, due to some customers’ reviews, the TGS All Natural 100% Whey Protein Powder was highly preferred by a lot of consumers. It is because it is cheap yet very healthy since it contains organic whey powder. It is also unflavored, so it is great to mix with a smoothie.

But, to make sure that you get the most out of these supplements, you may also have the advice of your doctor. And for more tips and suggestions, you may visit our website and we will be happy to serve you!

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