2017’s List Of The Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet – All You Need To Know

A lot of running shoes may feel comfortable and offer support even when you are standing for an extended period. However, the actual use of the shoes comes to realization when you use them for your training for a few miles. You will soon notice that the perfect pair of shoes has more to them than just for running.


More than just the shape of your foot and running style, you have to consider more features. Selecting the best running shoes for wide feet will be easier if you determine your running style, choose the features you prefer, and find the ones that fit best on your feet.

Categories of Running Shoes

Here are some of the group of shoes you have to consider before you purchase the best for you:

Road-Running Shoes

best running shoes for wide feet

These shoes have the design that’s appropriate for occasional rough terrains, pavements, and other surfaces with roughness and irregularities. These are often flexible and light to wear. They have cushioning to stabilize your feet during strides on smooth or hard surfaces.

Trail-Running Shoes

best running shoes for wide feet

These shoes have the deign for rocky roads, off-road terrains with mud, big rocks, logs, and other obstacles. They have an aggressive tread for enhanced traction. Moreover, these shoes offer more support, stability, and underfoot protection.

Cross-Training Shoes

best running shoes for wide feet

These shoes are fit for Crossfit exercises, and for use at the gym. You can also use them for activities involving your balance and stability. Also, you need them for better contact with the floor or the ground. They often have thin platform soles.

Determine Your Running Style

Before you buy a pair of running shoes in your size, you have to ask yourself: how do you run? If you own an old pair of running shoes, you need to know the type of foot you have. The best way to find out is to execute the wet test. It will help you find out the running mechanics you use.


It displays a wear pattern which covers the ball of your foot. Then, it also centers a part of your heel. It uses your foot’s natural inward roll. Then, you use the heel striking to the floor.

Basic Or Neutral

It helps you absorb all of the impacts on your feet. Thus, this helps relieve impact and pressure on your joints and knees. It is a standard characteristic of neutral to be utilized by experienced runners and other athletes.


You can identify this kind as the wear pattern along the interior of the shoes become exaggerated. There is an unnatural inward roll of your foot when you have these feet. It is a typical trait that affects a lot of the runners. So, you are at risk of knee injuries and pain. Overpronators need help when stabilizing their motion to control their movements, especially when running.

Supination Or (Also Known As Under-Pronation)

You can determine this by a wear along the outermost tip of your shoes. Plus, this is an outward moving of your feet that results in a small reduction of impact, especially when landing. Some runners have supinated feet. These athletes need more flexibility and cushioning to function properly.

Barefoot Or Minimalist Running

In conventional running shoes, your feet tend to hit the floor using your heel first. You see, this happens because your shoe heels have elevation in the cushioning portion. With minimalist runners, the forefoot or mid-foot hits the floor first.

Pro Tips When Choosing The Best Running Shoes

Here are some of the most practical tips to consider when picking the best running shoes for you:

Determine Your Foot Size

best running shoes for wide feet

Shoe sizes may vary from one manufacturer to the other. Also, they may differ from one model to another. So, what you need to do is to get the half-size or even full size larger or smaller than your shoe size. If you are still uncertain, you may measure your feet using a tape measure.

Try The Shoes At The End Of Your Day

You have to know that your feet usually undergo swelling during your different activities. Thus, they become larger than the standard. To avoid buying shoes that are too big or small, you need to try on various shoes at the end of your daily activities.

You Have To Consider A Thumbnail’s Length For An Added Space In The Toe Box

The width of your shoes should be snug enough. However, the shoes should have a little room to allow the movement of your feet without rubbing. The laces of your shoes should also be snug. But, they should not be overly tight.

Bring Orthotics If Needed

For people wearing orthotics, you should always take them along with you. They also determine the right fit of your shoes.

Consider Getting Insoles Or Foot Beds

Your shoe insoles may come in various versions. However, all of them offer improved support, fit, and comfort.

Features to Look For In Running Shoes

To have the perfect pair of shoes, here are some of the features to search for in running shoes:

Synthetic Leather

best running shoes for wide feet

It is very durable and supple. Plus, these shoes will have resistance to abrasion. Manufacturers often get these materials from Polyester and Nylon. It is also lightweight, and more ventilated. Plus, they quickly dry compared to other shoes. Lastly, it does not require a break in time.

Nylon Mesh

best running shoes for wide feet

Nylon is the principal material for running shoes because they offer durability. They lessen the weight of your shoes. Plus, they enhance their breathability.

Waterproof Or Water Resistant Uppers

best running shoes for wide feet

They often use membranes joined to the interior of the shoe linings. These layers prevent the moisture from getting in while allowing your feet to ventilate. Shoes having these membranes are super dry even during wet conditions.

Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet

**For more detailed reviews, you can see the following information below. Also, you can click the links embedded in the table to see current prices of these products and customer's comments on Amazon as well**

#1 Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 20 Running Shoes

Via Amazon.com

Mizuno is now transforming their models of running shoes. They are redesigning their Wave Technology for a better cushioning and improved responsive feel. Also, the company features its latest Triple Zone mesh.

The newest innovation allows more comfort and breathability than any other brands. Plus, the model is the top option for neutral runners wanting shoes with well-balanced features of shoes. In short, those who desire cushioned shoes yet allow better performance.


  • So far, this is the top version of Mizuno yet.
  • Also, you can notice the upgrades in both fit and comfort. In fact, the fit in the heel is better.
  • Because of the cushioned ride, you can efficiently use this version for long runs.
  • Plus, the shoes are also super light.
  • Mizuno shoes are also ideal for running short and long distances.


  • One thing that you can notice in these shoes is that the widths are too narrow. That way, even when I wear socks the fit in the widths are poor.

#2 Adidas NEO Cloud Foam Race Running Shoes

Via Amazon.com

The materials of Adidas NEO are synthetic. They have synthetic suede materials that give the plush look of the shoes. They have three stripes and seamless cap for your toes. The outsoles are rubber that offers super secure traction. Also, the shoes have a rubber sole for extra comfort and protection.

The upper mesh also allows enough breathability. In fact, the cloud foam adds more comfort and softness. Plus, the shoes have lightweight cushioning, which is essential for runners.


  • Adidas NEO is one of the best every ay shoes. Plus, you can switch their use for running and other activities.
  • These shoes are very comfortable to wear, especially that they have enough cushion.
  • Also, the shoes have durable and high-quality materials.
  • You can use them in rough terrains, for training, for the gym, and other everyday errands.
  • Plus, they provide enough ventilation to allow your feet to cool down after a long day of use.


  • For flat-footed people, you cannot suggest these shoes. The inner soles may get hurt a little.

#3 Skechers Performance Go Run 400 Running Shoes

Via Amazon.com

The Skechers Performance Go Run Shoes have synthetic and textile materials. What’s even better is that this version has rubber soles. The shaft of these shoes measures around 2.5 inches from the arch, which is very convenient.

Plus, these shoes are flexible and lightweight.The Go Run has 5Gen cushioned mid-sole. Also, a pair of these shoes has breathable upper mesh. They also have GoGa run high rebound insole. And lastly, the Go Run has biometric mid-sole innovation.


  • You can wear these shoes all day long, even at the gym and when training.
  • Also, the shoes have a perfect fit and are very comfortable because of the high-quality materials. Moreover, the rubber soles add more comfort and support.
  • The fabric of this model also is very soft and breathable.
  • The Go Run is very comfortable for running and walking.


  • The Go Run is not the most attractive running shoes you can see on the market today. However, it is almost the total package. If the manufacturer would change its look, then it would be a perfect running shoes.

#4 Under Armour Men Micro G Assert 6 Running Shoes

Via Amazon.com

These Under Armour shoes utilize light foam under to support the soft layer. The mesh is also very breathable and comfortable. Plus, they have durable overlays that have leather materials that lock in your middle foot. Also, they come with full EVA sock liner to add more accurate fit and comfort.

The shoes also have micro foam to cushion the landings into heavy takeoffs. The rubber covers provide traction to allow explosive impact. Also, they provide better durability. Lastly, the rubber outsoles give off greater traction.


  • The shoes look very attractive from the outside.
  • Moreover, they provide more ventilation and comfort.
  • They are comfortable even for flat-footed people.
  • Under Armour delivers a great pair of shoes for sports and other outdoor activities because of added traction and cushion.
  • Lastly, the price is accurate for the quality of the shoes.


  • These shoes are quite narrower than the regular running shoes.
  • Also, there is a little arch support for the feet.
  • They may feel stiff and clunky at times.
  • Moreover, the back of the shoes is quite high, which may cause blisters.

#5 Adidas Performance Men Alphabounce M Running Shoes

Via Amazon.com

This version of Adidas running shoes has sock-like comfort and protection. Thus, these shoes provide a snug fit. They have synthetic or textile materials. So, they have a comfortable textile lining.

The soles of this model are rubberized. These are natural runner type shoes that are very lightweight. In fact, these are only 10.5 ounces. Additionally, they provide enough comfort for every sport. Plus, they have an upper fuse mesh.


  • You can use the Adidas running shoes for running, walking, and other everyday activities.
  • Plus, these are very comfortable shoes because of their sock-like materials.
  • The price of the shoes is lower compared to other running shoes with the same quality.
  • Also, the fit of these shoes is very accurate. They are not too narrow nor wide.


  • These are not the most comfortable shoes if you want to stand for a longer time.
  • Moreover, you cannot use them effectively on muddy terrains because they may tend to stick more mud.


Overall, a pair of running shoes should last at least 500 miles of running for a few months, especially for pro runners. Thus, you need to look for the best shoes with enough cushion and protection. If they offer these features, then you need to consider that this may be the best time to get rid of your old and worn out running shoes.

For the best running shoes, we have put Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider on top on the list. These shoes do not just offer enough stability, cushion, and comfort, they also have a design that’s suitable for wide feet. Plus, pro runners and gym-goers usually use this pair of shoes.

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