5 Of The Best Running Shoes For High Arches You’ll Ever Need

Although running is an excellent way to get in shape, it may also be physically demanding. So, it is just right to have the perfect equipment to use in your training. Running shoes are one of the most important pieces of gears you have to take note.


You must make sure that they can support your body properly. Plus, they can absorb any impact whenever you move.

For runners with foot type problems, including high arches, they may have the right support. It will make sure that the force of the runner’s body is even all throughout your feet.

Moreover, it should not have any additional impact on the arches. Runners are having this kind of problem; you can use this guide to learn about the best running shoes for high arches.

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Knowing Your Foot Arch

Best Running Shoes For High Arches

Your local shoe shop will conduct a gait analysis that is free of charge with your podiatrist. He or she will diagnose your high arch and if it requires a particular shoe type. If you do not have access to the checkup, you may also do a quick analysis of your own.

All you have to do is to go out of your tub or shower. Then, you have to check out your footprint. A curved, narrow footprint with a thin strip linking to the heel and ball will indicate a high arch.

The More Pads The Shoes Have, The Better

Best Running Shoes For High Arches

Shoes with more cushion will have a little amount of support in the arch of your foot. It is something that runners with high-arched foot do not need to have. Foot with high arches require shoes that have a little amount of shock absorption. But, they should have extra padding for additional support and comfort.

Shape Of The Running Shoes

Best Running Shoes For High Arches

The next thing you have to consider is the mold of the model of your shoes. It also refers to your shoe shape. You need to search for shoes that have curved edges. The structure will need your feet to take a prone position slightly so that you will have a neutral running pace.

A slip at the tip is another feature you have to look for when you purchase running shoes. It will make sure that your shoes will have extra cushioning and more flexible.

Potential Problems For Runners With High-arched Feet

Best Running Shoes For High Arches

For high-arched male runners, you may find it quite challenging to have the right shoes for you. However, it is essential that you protect your body from injuries.

Runners should always make sure to buy shoes that can accommodate your running needs because your feet absorbs the impact. High-arched feet tend to supinate or underpronate, which means that their feet cannot rotate properly.

It happens when the feet land on the ground and your weight shifts to the front of your foot. The inefficient movement means that the force cannot be distributed equally all throughout your foot. Instead, most of the force happens on the outside. Because it tends to concentrate the motion on just a single area, the force hits the runner’s joints, knees, and muscles.

Additionally, the movement will also cause plantar fasciitis and shin splints. So, for male runners with high arches, you have to purchase shoes that can support your feet properly.

Look For The Right Running Shoes

Best Running Shoes For High Arches

When you buy a pair of running shoes, you need to determine the present pair of shoes you are using. If the exterior of your running shoe displays wear and tear, then under pronation is the issue here.

In this case, you have to search for the running shoes that provide neutral cushioning to correct the problem. With the current innovations in technology, running shoes have more advanced features.

So, it may offer runners types of shoes that can reduce the risk of injury. There are a lot of running shoes available online. But, you can also visit your local shoe shop to analyze your preferences for running.

Characteristics Of Running Shoes With Neutral Cushioning

Best Running Shoes For High Arches

Although it is rare to find athletes with high-arched feet, manufacturers have made it their priority to design shoes to address the needs of athletes who under pronate.To distribute the force over on your foot evenly, athletes should search for the running shoes that provide neutral cushioning.

Also, these shoes will offer you midsole cushioning, but a slight support on your central part. It is the type of running shoes that athletes require and need.

Neutral cushioning also tends to assist runners with high arches to turn their feet in a prone position. Also, these running shoes tend to be flexible enough for rigid feet. Thereby, the footwear can distribute the force on each hit across different parts of the feet.

Types Of Cushioning

best running shoes for flat feet

Manufacturers of running shoes use various materials and innovations to make the cushion in the shoes. The feature of the shoes with neutral cushioning has a midsole of single-density, which means that the cushioning is uniform.

Some makers utilize air cushioning, glycerin, foam, or even gel. Other companies also produce proprietary innovation and facilitate the superior cushioning in their brands.

Some shoes may even include separate inserts and full ones, which increase arch support. The ideal test for runners is to consider trying different running shoes. Also, you may explore the type of cushion that you are comfortable to use.

Flexibility Of The Shoes

Best Running Shoes For High Arches

Additionally, to maximize the cushioning of the shoes, high-arched running shoes must be lightweight and flexible. Athletes with high arches require flexible shoes to decrease the rigidity of their feet.

Also, it can promote the distribution of the impact of every stride. To know how flexible the shoes are, on your first try, it will have a soft upper.

Also, the sole of the shoes should be flexible enough to soften the force when the runner tries to move. An excellent test is to bend the shoes in different directions to see how much comfort the shoes have to offer.

5 Of The Best Running Shoes For High Arches

Here is the list of running shoes for runners with high arches:

1. Mizuno Men Wave Rider 20 Running Shoes

Via Amazon.com

Mizuno is now trying to transform your running experience by the newly redesigned Wave Technology. It is an innovation that offers an improved responsive feel and softer cushioning for extra comfort and support. Plus, it has its newest Mizuno Dynamotion Fit.

It comes with the advancement of Triple Zone that features its highly-engineered mesh. It can enhance its comfort and breathability. So, the Wave Ride is one of the best options for neutral runners wanting to have a responsive performance, but with optimum cushion.


  • Mizuno is one of my favorite shoes when it comes to running and doing daily exercises. It promotes comfort and protection big time.
  • It has enough padding that supports my high-arched feet. So, my feet won’t hurt even after running.
  • I am truly impressed by how comfortable the shoes can be. They won’t make you feel any pain after doing movements and even standing for long hours.
  • The responsiveness offered in these shoes are superb. I can enjoy my daily runs without feeling uneasy at all.


  • Well, a downfall of these shoes is that it can be on the heavy side when it comes to running shoes. But, for bigger females or males, they can work out just fine.
  • Also, in the beginning, the shoes can be quite fit. But, after a few uses, they will loosen up to feel a little better when running.

2. Brooks Men Adrenaline GTS 16

Via Amazon.com

The Brooks Men running shoes can support overpronated feet that need a combination of stability and cushion. In fact, it comes with the high-energizing cushioning feature.

It is breathable and lightweight. Moreover, it has a moisture-facilitating element mesh. Plus, it comes with synthetic uppers to support your feet from different factors.

Also, it has a mid-foot saddle that is adjustable. It makes the shoes more secure and custom fit. It has a lace-up closure and plush collar and tongue. The Brooks Men shoes also come with element linings that are moisture-wicking.

The shoes come with removable foam insole to promote underfoot cushioning. It is also very dynamic for rides. The Tri-density midsole also facilitates an efficient pronation control for smoother movements all throughout your training.


  • I own a pair of these shoes, and I can say that they are pretty comfortable to use. It comes with enough padding and cushioning.
  • Also, my performance became smoother once I’ve used these pair of shoes for my training.
  • The Brooks running shoes provided me with enough support to lessen any potential injuries..


  • A downside of these shoes is that the sole would start to come off after a few months of using it. But, you can always repair it with shoe glue.

3. Saucony Men Omni 13 Running Shoes

Via Amazon.com

The Saucony Men has imported nylon and synthetic materials. Plus, it comes with a rubber sole for extra comfort and protection. It is a classic running shoe that has an open mesh and seamless uppers.

Also, it has an 8-mm heel to toe drop. It has a moisture-wicking collar and lining.

Moreover, it has a Comfort Lite sock liner and EVA foam midsole that is dual-density. The Saucony Men also facilitates its support frame innovations and arch-lock for overpronated feet.

What’s even better is that it comes with highly durable outsole for added comfort.


  • When I got these shoes, I instantly used it for a few kilometers run. And it didn’t disappoint me at all because it is very comfortable.
  • I have overpronated feet, and so far, the Saucony Men helped me alleviate the pressure on certain points of my feet.
  • Also, the cushioning and support of these shoes are greatly doing their job.
  • Then, they don’t leave my feet wet from sweat after a few hours of use.


  • What I didn’t like about Saucony Men is that the black rubber sole would start to come off after a year of use.

4. K-Swiss Men X-Lite Athletic CMF Athletic Shoes

Via Amazon.com

The K-Swiss Men has textile and synthetic materials. Plus, it comes with a rubber sole for added protection and comfort. The shaft is around 2 and a half inches from the arch, so it is best for overpronated feet. The tubes are for extra comfort and cushioning.

Moreover, the plush foam of the midsole can improve the shock absorption feature and cushion. It is also breathable and soft. In fact, it has an upper mesh for enough ventilation. Then, the shoe has padded tongue and collar.


  • These shoes are excellent for running and any other physical activities.
  • Also, it promotes comfort and protection because of its cushioning.
  • The tubes of the shoes also add more support and comfort to make you move in a proper motion.
  • The shoes are lightweight. They feel like you don’t wear any shoes at all.
  • Then, the footbeds are just outstanding. They are thick enough for the feet, unlike other models.


  • What I do not like about these shoes is that the tubes on the arch portion may be too thick. But, besides that, it feels and looks great.

5. RYKA Women Influence Cross Training Shoes

Via Amazon.com

The RYKA Women shoe comes with imported synthetic materials. Also, it has a rubber sole to promote comfort and protection.It has a padded collar and tongue for extra support and stability.

Moreover, the RYKA shoes feature the Direct-fuse and Flex-foil support layers. It has bounced back insole for your every movement.


  • I bought this for running, and so far, it has been great because it comes with pivot area on the sole.
  • Also, it is very comfortable to use even for hours.
  • The RYKA Women also provides enough cushioning for high-arched feet.


  • The shoes don’t come with enough padding. So, I just wish that the manufacturer would put more padding for shock absorption.


Running well doesn’t come naturally for some. In fact, other athletes even suffer from different anomalies in their feet structure. For high-arched feet, you may need extra padding than cushioning.

The shoes that execute well when it comes to such feature is the Mizuno Men Wave Raider. Not only that the manufacturers made these shoes for people with high arches, but they also ensured that they put extra padding.

So, overall these shoes are best if you want your training to succeed even with your high-arched feet!

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