Top 5 Of The Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet – Don’t Shop Until You Read This!


If you have flat feet, but you are training with improper feet support, then this may cause you to be more at risk of injuries. The arches of your feet usually help in absorbing the impact when you hit your feet to the ground as you run.

However, for people in this situation, the arches of your feet fall when your feet strike the ground.So, flat-footed athletes are more likely to develop injuries. But, you do not need to quit running. All you have to do is to invest in the best running shoes for flat feet. These can significantly correct your form and your flat feet.


What Is Flat Foot?

best running shoes for flat feet

Normally, the arches of your feet have the metatarsal and tarsal bones. Then, the tendons and ligaments strengthen them. They allow your feet to support your body weight when you stand up straight. The height of the arches of your feet can pinpoint your foot type and pronation.

You can assess the height of your arches with the use of the Wet Test. Individuals with low arches do not come with a separate curve alongside their feet. In fact, when they take the Wet Test, this may depict their entire feet. People having low arches have the tendencies to overpronate. Later on, they may develop injuries.

For those people with the lack to express their arches, they tend to have fallen or flat arches. The more accurate term for this condition is flat feet. These people’s feet sit on the ground entirely.

How Do Runners With Flat Feet Choose Their Running Shoes

best running shoes for wide feet

The arches of your feet need shock absorber for support and comfort. When you put the weight of your body over your feet, the system absorbs the impact from your knees, feet, ankles, and hips. That way, you can avoid injuries. Flat feet can be a very evident sign of overpronation.

So, it means that the arches of your feet collapse when they hit or put impact to the ground. As a result, your ankles tend to rotate inward, and your knees try to compensate for the twisting motion.

Having flat feet may be disturbing for runners. You see, when you have the condition, you have to support your gait at least three times more than the weight of their body.

Types Of Running Shoes For Flat Feet

Here are the kinds of shoes to purchase for flat-footed runners

Flat Feet Dynamics

best running shoes for flat feet

As your feet strike to the ground with the flat feet and the arches fall, your ankles then to rotate inward. Also, your knees try to overcompensate as you run. Flat-footed athletes have the tendency to overpronate.

It means that they roll their feet inward excessively when running. So, that’s when flat-footed runners require the features for stability. These will help them balance their feet and avoid added unnecessary movements.

People who suffer from overpronation can also take advantage of the regulation of the motion through the features added. It will try to restrict the other movements of your feet. Also, support is very vital when it comes to flat-footed athletes. They may need more cushioning for adequate training.

Motion Control Running Shoes

best running shoes for flat feet

Shoes with motion control properties may help athletes with severe flat feet and extreme overpronation. The best motion control shoes can help you not only during your training, but they can also help you run everyday errands. What you have to do is to choose the most lightweight motion control running shoes in the market for optimum comfort and performance.

Stability Shoes For Running

best running shoes for flat feet

For people with arched feet that can collapse while training, some shoes have designs that come with layers of polyurethane materials. You can notice them on the arches of the shoes. Their primary purpose is to provide stability and support.

Stability running shoes may correct your overpronation as they limit the other motion of your feet. Thus, they help flat-footed individuals more, especially while running. Also, what you have to know is that stability footwear tends to be less bulky than the motion control running shoes.

Special Considerations

best running shoes for flat feet

Shoes with motion monitoring and security features offer a lot of arches and support to your feet. So, these additions are very crucial for overpronators, overweight athletes, and overpronators. If you have severe flat feet, you may consider putting enough arch support for an efficient running.

Moreover, you need to make sure that your running shoes are not too tight when you insert them. But, allow your toes to have more room to move so that you won’t develop blisters.

Shoe Innovations For Flat-Footed Runners

best running shoes for flat feet

Almost all running shoes and their manufacturers have generated technologies to help athletes with flat feet train with ease, safety, and comfort. The three top concepts for these innovations are support, stability, and motion control.

Support is the primary need for flat-footed runners. So, when you are searching for the right pair of shoes for your flat feet, you need to find the label that says “extra support.” Another thing to consider is the stability. It is a term that manufacturers set to help overpronated feet. Lastly, you have to find shoes that offer stability. These running shoes are for people with extreme overpronation.

Additionally, you need to take note that the main innovation for stability footwear is the density foam. Shoe manufacturers try to incorporate dense foams just below the middle part of the arches of your feet.

There are also times that they try to extend them all the way to your heels. Often, you can see it as the dark part of the foam on the interior of the mid-sole.

Do Flat-Footed People Need Motion Control And Stability Shoes?

best running shoes for flat feet

A lot of running shoe shops offer models with stability and motion control features. However, many people question and doubt these factors. A lot of athletes even ask if they need them. Well, you do not need to have motion control and stability shoes if you have flat feet.

Some runners can still function well with neutral running shoes when training. However, for enhanced performance during running, you may opt to get these features. You may want to start with the stability shoes before you switch with the neutral running shoes. You see, what you need to remember is that works for you may not work for other people.

5 Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet

Here is the complete list of running shoes for flat-footed individuals

**For more detailed reviews, you can see the following information below. Also, you can click the links embedded in the table to see current prices of these products and customer's comments on Amazon as well**

#1 Skechers Sport Women Gratis In Motion Fashion Sneakers


The Skechers Sport Women Sneakers are easy going and practical shoes for running, walking, and other activities. They boast their premium quality materials. In fact, they involve fabric and synthetic materials. Plus, they come with synthetic sole.

The heels of these shoes have a measurement of at least 1 inch. These are also comfortable and lightweight sneakers with the lace-up system. They also feature the pull-on tab in the tongue part. Also, they have flexible grooves for the outsoles of the shoes.

The Skechers shoes boast the enhanced level of comfort brought about by the padded collar and tongue. Also, they have cushioned midsole for extra comfort and protection.


  • These Skechers sneakers fit snugly on my flat feet. They are not too loose and not too tight.
  • The shoes are super lightweight and comfortable to use. You can even use them for rough and muddy terrains.
  • Plus, what I adore the most are the cushioned midsole and outsole for added comfort and protection.


  • These are “okay” shoes for running. However, these shoes may not be the best option for standing in longer hours. Your feet will start to numb and hurt when you use these shoes during such situation.

#2 Mizuno Women Wave Creation 15 Running Shoes


Deuter backpack is very lightweight to use because it is a pretty small pack. Thus, you can bring it on a marathon or long runs. Also, it comes with a wet or dry pocket. But, you can still use the pocket for valuable items. The backpack also has breathable foam back for added comfort and protection. And lastly, Deuter pack is a 2-liter hydration system compatible bag.


  • Offers innovative features.
  • Also, it is extremely lightweight and comfortable to use, especially that it has breathable foam.
  • The materials are heavy-duty for a marathon, hiking, and other intense activities.
  • The design of the bag is pretty basic and dull. However, it is intelligent and practical to use.
  • You can absolutely use this backpack for extreme sports.
  • The bag also comes with side pockets for enough storage space.


  • The backpack is quite smaller than the average running bag.
  • Also, the straps are not sufficient for security and protection.
  • The compartments are also smaller than the usual that they won’t fit water bottles and other essential gears.

#3 Reebok Women Speed Rise Running Shoes


It is a version of Reebok running shoes with the latest lightweight innovation and speedy design. As a matter of fact, they have synthetic materials. The highlight of these shoes is the synthetic soles, which provide more comfort.

Also, there is a Reebok Crosscheck design on the sides of the shoes to enhance the attractiveness of the shoes. Plus, they come with Memory Technology plush sock liner. The low-cut design of the shoes also adds a twist to their outer appearance.


  • These are nice-looking Reebok shoes for running.
  • Also, they are very comfortable. In fact, you may use them 24/7.
  • They have lightweight foams that are for flat-footed individuals and athletes.
  • They prevent the development of injuries such as shin splints because of the wider toe part of the shoes.


  • They have super cushy outsoles. I prefer a more flexible cushioning, especially when training.

#4 Altra Running Women Lone Peak 2.0 Polartec Shoes


The synthetic materials of the Altra running shoes make it more durable than any other models of shoes. Also, they come with rubber soles for more softness and protection. These are running-inspired shoes with zero-drop capacity. Plus, the shoes can provide minimal cushioning capability.

The footbed of these shoes is removable. Also, they have a gusseted tongue. For a more secure fit, the manufacturer added the gaiter trap tab. Additionally, the shoes have Trail Claw outsoles and a dual layer of EVA midsoles.


  • The Altra running shoes are great for trail running. They can adapt to harsh conditions.
  • They are very comfortable, especially for flat-footed people and people suffering from injuries.
  • The space inside the shoes provides more room to accommodate the flat feet.
  • Also, there are lots of cushioning for these shoes for extra comfort.


  • The insoles should provide better support and comfort. Most other running shoes will have arch support. However, this pair of shoes does not have one.

#5 L-Run Men Running Shoes


L-Run Running Shoes are for walking, jogging, running, and exercising at the gym. These shoes have mesh materials, which allow them to be breathable and flexible. At the same time, shoes are very comfortable because of their rubber platform.

Plus, the company boasts its easy lace-up technology. They also have breathable upper mesh and air cushion soles. The upper mesh serves as a supportive measure for the users. Also, the construction of the shoes has a soft lining and non-slip rubber soles. Their dry sock liner makes your experience healthier and drier. These shoes promise durability, wearability, and shock absorption.


  • You can jog for a few miles without complaining of pain and discomfort when you use these shoes.
  • Plus, they have high-quality materials on the exterior and exterior of the shoes.
  • What’s even better is that they are easy to clean and wash.


  • The air capsule portion developed a hole even after just a few runs using this model.


Finding the right pair of running shoes intended for flat-footed athletes may be quite challenging. However, with the use of our guide below, we have discovered that the Skechers Sports Women Sneakers are the best shoes for people with flat feet. I would recommend these shoes the most.

They provide enough stability for flat feet. Plus, they create more cushioning. Plus, they have a proven record of great working relationships with flat-footed runners. So, what are you waiting for? Grab one and do not let your flat feet affect you and your performance!

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