5 Of The Best Running Shoes For Bunions – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

People with bunions would know the struggle of finding the perfect shoes. For instance, if you have bunions, you would know how painful it is to wear closed toed shoes.

But that’s not where it stops. Your bunions can also cause some of your favorite shoes to get deformed, and it can get annoying.


However, you do not have to live with this. There are shoes that can help you survive with your bunions. That’s why today, we will help you look for the best running shoes for bunions. Both for comfort and aesthetics. Here are some things you should take note of.

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What Are Bunions?

Best Running Shoes For Bunions

If you’re still not sure, a bunion is that bony bump you see at the base of your big toe. It’s also probably the source of most of your feet aches when you wear tight close toed shoes.

Bunions are bone or tissue enlargements usually caused by genetics, bone structure or bad fitting shoes.

Although bunions aren’t dangerous for a matter of life and death, it can be bothersome. Especially if you tend to wear shoes for more than eight hours a day. However, there are long-term solutions for bunions if you want them gone for good.

You can opt to have them removed surgically. But keep in mind that having bunions surgically removed can cost you a lot of money and healing time. It might disrupt a good few weeks’ worth of work for you.

But don’t worry. There are a lot of shoes out there specifically made for bunions.

Things To Consider When Buying Running Shoes For Bunions

Best Running Shoes For High Arches

When buying running shoes for bunions, you have to be very meticulous. Most especially with its fitting. Your running shoes should make running comfortable for you.

Simply buying shoes that are a half-size bigger than your usual won’t make your bunions feel any less painful.

Other than the price and appearance, here are several factors you might want to look into before buying a pair.

#1 Are The Toes Pointy, Narrow Or Rounded?

Best Running Shoes For Bunions

Remember that no matter how loose or soft your pair of shoes is, it is still best if you avoid pointy or narrow-toed shoes. This is most especially significant for running shoes.

If you are running in them for hours, make sure that your toes and bunions have enough room to breathe in.

Ideally, wide-toed or rounded toed shoes are best for bunions. Wide toe box shoes give your bunions enough room not to get uncomfortably squeezed in.

Consider the fact that you will also be wearing socks (or for some orthotics). So keep in mind that when you fit running shoes with no socks on, it could be a little different with thicker, supportive socks.

#2 Does It Fit Yours Perfectly?

Best Running Shoes For Bunions

Don’t choose the last size available just because you like the appearance. When you buy a pair of shoes, make sure they fit you perfectly. Not too loose, not too snug. Or else you will have sore and aching feet afterward. (painful bunions too)

Wearing shoes that are too tight can simply hurt you. While wearing shoes that are too big for you might cause you injuries.

If ever you are buying shoes online, make sure you estimate the right size. Know if the shoe sizes online are a half size smaller or bigger than your usual and so on.

However, it is true that you should leave at least a half-inch allowance in front of the shoe for your largest toe.

#3 Is It Going To Protect Your Feet From Injuries?

Best Running Shoes For Bunions

A lot of running shoes these days claim to give you enough support and protection while running. It is best to buy shoes that are cushioned. These can soften the impact of running or running injuries.

Do your feet have a high or low arch? Are you an under pronator, overpronator or a neutral runner? Keep those factors in mind as well. It might be able to help you choose between a neutral or stability pair.

The height of the shoe sole/heel also affects the protection it can give you while running.

Protective cushioning, as well as a good heel to toe transitioning, is very important if you run long distances. If you search well enough, you will find that there are shoes made to enhance the natural gait of a person. Those are ideal for people with bunions as well.

Finally, high cut or low cut shoes have different purposes. The high cut running shoes though might be able to provide more support and protection for your ankle. The possibility of twisting or injuring your ankles is very high when you run.

So make sure that you consider all these safety factors.

#4 Does It Slip Or Not?

Best Running Shoes For Bunions

Lastly, does the sole give you a good grip? When you run on a wet road, do you feel the rubber grip? Does your foot slide back and forth inside the shoe even when you’re wearing socks?

These are very important because accidentally slipping can cause serious injuries to your feet and ankles.

With or without bunions, this factor is one of the most important ones you should look out for.

Among all the factors, of course, there’s still your budget, preference and the appearance of the shoes. But don’t use the form or appearance of the shoes solely as your guide.

Remember, it’s always your safety first. Although these aren’t all the factors you should look into, they are some of the most important ones.

Top 5 Of The Best Running Shoes For Bunions – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

1. Altra Torin 2 Running Shoe

Via Amazon.com

The Altra Torin 2 Running Shoe is made based on an anatomical foot position. This will let you naturally position your feet inside without sacrificing support. It is also made with fabric/synthetic and breathable mesh to allow enough ventilation into the shoes as you run.

It also offers a dual-layer cushioning to minimize the impacts of long distance running. Finally, it features a zero-drop platform and a metapod traction outsole. Compatible with people who either have a high or low arch.


  • It gives enough room in the toe box which makes it ideal for bunions.
  • You can even wear orthotics or “correct toes” inside them and still have enough room.
  • It is a zero platform running shoe.
  • This makes it perfect for those with a flat foot or low arched feet.
  • Its dual cushion can help lessen any injuries, soreness or aching after a long run.


  • You might encounter some quality issues and have a hard time contacting the manufacturer.
  • Limited styles and colors available.
  • If you’re buying online, you might have difficulty finding the right size for you.
  • This is because sometimes the size might be bigger or smaller than it should be

2. ASICS GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe

Via Amazon.com

The Asics Gel-Kayano 22 on the other hand, claims that it makes use of the gait-enhancing Impact Guiding System (IGS). This is said to help improve the natural form and coordination of your feet (with your legs) as you walk or run.

It also features a rubber sole and a FluidRide gel cushioning system. But most importantly, it boasts of its lightweight despite the thorough support and cushioning it gives.



  • The sole might not be as durable if worn or used for a long period.
  • The height of the heel might affect your running if you are not used to big heels.
  • It might feel a little when it’s still new without breaking them in.

3. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v6 Running Shoe

Via Amazon.com

Compared to its previous versions, the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v6 boasts of its improved flexibility and cushioning. It made of fabric/synthetic with a rubber sole. The addition of flex grooved midsole and outsole claims to deliver a smoother heel-toe transition when running.

Finally, it also features a bootie construction with engineered mesh for a waterproof yet breathable ventilation experience while running or even hiking. This is perfect for athletes who want to train in different weather or terrains.


  • Like the Altra Torin 2, its toe box also gives enough room for bunions or orthotics.
  • Despite the thorough support it gives midfoot, it also gives the right kind of fit/snug midfoot for a more stable running experience.
  • It has neutral pronation, but it is also good for those who have high arched feet


  • You might have to go a half size smaller to get the right snug because of its roomy toe box.
  • If you have plantar fascia or you’re very particular about insoles and heels, you might have an issue with this.
  • The heels don’t offer much height so you might have to wear in a different insole to give the heels some height.
  • Might not offer much grip if the road is wet or drenched in the rain.

4. Mizuno Wave Rider 20 Running Shoe

Via Amazon.com

With its new Cloudwave feature, the Mizuno Wave Rider 20 claims to deliver a smoother heel to toe transition and landing.

Similar to the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v6, it also features a midsole foam for further support and snug. It is made with engineered mesh for more flexible movements and ventilation.

Despite being lightweight, the Mizuno Wave Rider 20 can give you a thorough forefoot cushioning. Much improvement from its previous versions. Lastly, it features a removable insole.


  • It is very supportive for people with high arched feet.
  • The soft cushioning gives enough protection and comfort from the impacts of running.
  • Very friendly to under-pronators and neutral runners.


  • The sizing is a bit off.
  • It can be a little too snug for people with wide foot and bunions. So you might have to break them in first or choose a pair half size up.
  • It might feel a bit heavy if you aren’t used to this kind of running shoes.
  • The heel might not be as fitting.
  • You might encounter problems because of poor heel fitting when running.

5. Saucony Grid Excursion Tr10 Trail Running Shoe

Via Amazon.com

Last but not the least is Saucony’s Grid Excursion TR10 Trail Running Shoe. Similar to the previous running shoe pairs, it also comes with a middle foot.


  • They are true to size, unlike several brands listed here.
  • Comfortable enough to be worn on hikes or rough terrains.
  • For trail running shoes, these are very lightweight without compromising cushion, grip, and structure.


  • They are not as waterproof as advertised.
  • Despite being true to size, you might find the toe box a little narrow if you have wide feet.
  • The tongue of the shoe is a little narrow.

In Conclusion...

At the end of the day, your comfort and your bunions should be the most important factors to consider.

However, a pair of lightweight shoes that offers thorough support and cushioning, the Altra Torin 2 might be a good option for you. It gives a neutral lift, compatible with over or under-pronators, even neutral runners.

The Asics Gel Kayano 22 and the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v6 are both good for improving your natural gait and heel to toe transition. However, if you’re very meticulous, you might find their grip or size a bit bothersome.

Do not be intimidated by the differing reviews you might see online. Remember, some of these pairs might work well for other and some might not. This is perfectly natural.

Depending on your feet issues like bunions, you will find that all shoes have their pros and cons.

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