5 Of The Best Running Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis – Don’t Shop Until You Read This!

Does your Achilles hurt a lot during your runs? Every single day as you train, do you feel that there’s something wrong with your Achilles? Do you ever wonder if you should still run or should you stop for a while until it heals? You see, Achilles Tendonitis may be stubborn at times.


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An Achilles injury is quite painful to bear. Thus, if you are reading this, our fitness experts will guide you to pick the best running shoes for Achilles Tendonitis. Our guide will also explain why Achilles Tendon injuries occur during running and what shall you modify in your training, especially in your running shoes, to prevent the damage from happening again

About Achilles Tendonitis

The Achilles' tendon is the strongest and the thickest tendon found in your body. It connects your calves to the back of your heels. All the force you make when you lift your toe off the floor as you run may transfer to your Achilles.

Such power may cause up to three times powerful than your overall body weight. And as you run faster than expected, you put too much strain on your Achilles' tendon.

Because of this fact, runners, especially marathon runners who train with speed, are more prone to Achilles Tendonitis. In fact, Achilles Tendonitis may occur up for 5 to 12 percent of all running injuries, and this may occur mostly in men.

But, why is that so? It may be because males tend to go faster when they train, or their biochemical aspects may bring it. Achilles injuries or Achilles Tendonitis usually begins as a dull stiffening of the Achilles' tendon.

It gradually hastens as the area is in contact with warm water or compress. The injury may get worse as you run faster, run uphill, when you wear shoes with spikes, and even low-heeled running shoes.

If you continue to run with injury, the pain occurring in your tendon will become sharper, and it will occur more often. And it may even impede your capacity to move at a slow pace

The Link Between Achilles Tendonitis And Your Footwear

Achilles Tendonitis and the running shoes you are wearing are related to one another in three aspects. These link in the way you correctly fit your running shoes to prevent Achilles Tendonitis, healing from injuries, and preventing the tendon injuries from happening again.

Unfortunately, as you stop caring about the footwear you are using, it may heighten the occurrence of Achilles Tendonitis.

Achilles Tendonitis may typically mean that you should instantly chance the shoes you are using during your training. You have to come up with the decision to change to better running shoes.

A good fitting shoe means that you get the right width and size, the correct arch of your foot, comfort, height, firmness, and heel height. You need to find the shoes that will fit you well and disregard your old running shoes that often cause injuries.

How To Choose The Right Running Shoe

To pick the right footwear for your training, you need to consider these steps:

#1 Select Running Shoes For The Running You Do

To choose the right footwear for your runs, you need to start at home and think about the features you want for your running shoes. Think how many times do you need to use the shoes for your training so you can decide if you need a high budget.

Moreover, when you head to your local shoe department, get advice on the best type of shoe for running. You see, the kinds of the shoe may differ depending on their use. Your footwear may cause an impact on the injuries you are getting, especially Achilles injuries.

For beginners who are planning to run less than ten km every week, you must consider purchasing an entry level footwear for running. You must also take note of the trail or terrain, your duration, your speed, and the intensity of your runs and workouts.

Also, you need to consider your shoe history and which model of running shoes worked great for you during your previous runs. Some people base their running shoes on their appearance. However, what is vital here is their function and comfort level during your training.

#2 Determine Your Pronation

Once you already know your shoe type, you need to find the footwear that suits your type of foot and your foot arch.

#3 Pick The Running Shoes Half Size Bigger

When it is necessary to purchase your new running shoes, visit your local shoe store. Then, you should ask them for a half size bigger shoes than your average size. Why is this necessary? It is essential because it allows you to facilitate every movement of your foot.

Plus, it avoids swelling after runs. Bigger size shoes also enable your feet to have more room. Thus, they will avert the occurrence of black toenails, forefoot issues, and blisters.

With that, you may ask the guidance of a shoe expert to scale the width and the length of your feet. You may try up to three to four pairs of shoes before settling on your running shoes.

Features To Look For In Your Running Shoes To Avoid Achilles Injuries

When you are considering the best running shoes to prevent Achilles injuries, here are some features you need to find in your footwear:

#1 A Great Arch Comfort And Support

Feet types with low arches or what we call as flat feet and high arched feet often link to the development of Achilles Tendonitis. Your running shoe’s arch comfort and support should always consider your foot type and foot arch. Reasonable, moderate, and high arches take advantage of the arch comfort and support that are inside your shoes.

#2 Curvature At The Sole Of Your Feet

Your running shoes should make a curve with the similar place you usually bend your feet. Your feet turn at the soles of your feet. Hence, your shoes should bend just below the soles of your feet.

If the footwear makes a curvature elsewhere, then, they are not giving off enough foot comfort and support. Thus, they may cause harm to your Achilles' tendon. So, you need to stop buying some sandals, shoes, and slippers than curve everywhere.

#3 Cushion At Your Heels

Your shoes should provide the right amount of cushion. Too much cushion may make your heels sink lower than the front of your feet. On the other hand, lack of cushion may quickly strain and extend your Achilles' tendon. Furthermore, you need to find running shoes that provide the right cushioning, especially on your heels.

#4 Height of Your Heels

To find the perfect pair of running shoes, you need to make sure that you buy the shoes with the ideal heel height. The heels of your running shoes should be slightly elevated

5 Best Running Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis

Here is the list of the best footwear to use when you are experiencing Achilles Tendonitis and to prevent the recurrence of the injury:

#1 Adidas ZX Flux Weave Men’s Running Shoes

The Adidas ZX Flux Weave is an imported product. It has nylon and meshes materials. It follows the Adidas Torsion Technology, which is very popular for men and women’s running shoes.

Additionally, it boasts its Adidas photo print with black and blue mosaic. It has a rubber sole that promotes comfort and support. Plus, it also has an extra set of shoestrings, just in case you need one.


  • With innovative Adidas style
  • Boasts its comfort level and snug fit
  • With excellent arch support
  • With great, vibrant colours
  • Provides feet support and comfort
  • Perfect for running, workout, hiking, and any other outdoor activities


  • The heels are a little too narrow than expected

#2 ASICS Men’s Gel Kayano 20 Running Shoes

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The ASICS Gel Kayano offers its latest updates in both of its upper and midsoles. It also gives off its new FluidRide midsole and FluidFit upper for a snug fit. It has its multi-directional stretch mesh to suit athlete ’s feet.

It also improves the support and stability in a runner. It boasts its exoskeletal heel to provide support and enhance the fit on the heels.


  • With enough padding for cushion
  • Great cushion all over the interior of the shoes
  • Has enough room for your feet
  • Feather light
  • Offers support and stability
  • Ideal for any outdoor activities like running
  • It reduces pain when running


  • The fabric in front of the shoes easily tears away after a few use
  • It has a low-quality mesh

#3 Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 14 Running Shoes

The latest Brook’s Adrenaline has been made smarter and smoother than any other of the previous series. It offers a segmented crash pad to add a full contact from your heel to your toe transition.

Moreover, it has an adaptable cushion so that you can glide as you turn. Its latest lace innovation evens out the pressure from the lace. Thus, it creates a snug fit. It also offers a flexible and lightweight fit. It instantly creates balance and support to your feet to avoid any injury.


  • Light as a feather
  • It has a soft cushion
  • Fits correctly
  • Offers great support while working out, running, walking, hiking, etc
  • With great arch support
  • Comes in different colours
  • Eases pain when running


  • The sole of the shoe usually goes unglued after a few runs and use in the gym

#4 ONEMIX Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sports Running Shoe

ONEMIX is a China-based manufacturer and professional provider of shoes. The company manufactures professional skateboard shoes, running shoes, and basketball shoes. Their running shoes have synthetic materials.

Moreover, it has a rubber sole. It also offers comfort and support. It has lightweight, flexible, and breathable materials. It comes with the additional cushioning system and anti-slip sole innovation. It also provides extra high-quality socks for every purchase of the shoes.


  • Offers enough comfort and support
  • It fits perfectly
  • It comes with a pair of socks and shoelaces
  • It is ideal for walking and running
  • With cushioned soles
  • The materials are excellent for constant movements
  • With great arch support
  • Offers proper traction


  • Some users say that its design is quite cheesy
  • Plus, it is quite narrow at the tip of the shoes

#5 Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 10 Running Shoes

The Mizuno shoe company boasts its shoes created for sports and other activities. They have upgraded their technology to keep track of an athlete’s condition. The Breath Thermo line offers natural absorption of heat and moisture to keep you warm in cold temperatures.

The Arctic Touch also gives off heat and humidity as you perform your exercises to keep you cool. The shoes have rubber soles. It offers stability as you overly turn your feet. It features its Dynamotion fit mesh at the upper and U4IC lightweight for the mid-sole.

It also takes pride of its Smooth Ride fluid motion technology. Its lateral forefoot sculpting innovation turns your transitions smoothly. It also has a rubber forefoot.


  • It is amazingly light
  • The over-pronation makes your runs better.
  • It is reliable and comfortable.
  • With excellent fit
  • Offers excellent support and comfort


  • When you order a pair, make sure to have an extra space because it could be very narrow at the tip of the shoe


A cause of Achilles Tendonitis relates to the excessive stress facilitated to the tendon. It may be due to not choosing the best running shoes with the right size, fit, comfort, and features.

Thus, it is crucial to take note how your running shoes offer function and comfort level during your training. With that, a lot of customers choose the Adidas ZX Flux.

Not only that it carries the Adidas technology, but it also takes pride in its snug fit and comfort level. Also, it also boasts its ideal arch support, which is perfect for any outdoor activities like running, walking, and hiking.

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