5 Of The Best Pre-Workout For Women – All You Need To Know


A lot of women most probably feel the pressure to stay fit and keep up their shape. For your goal to become a reality, you have to make sure that you follow a good diet plan and workout routine.

Although the process may sound easy, it is more complicated and challenging than what you have expected. But, if you want a faster effect and result, you may want to do your exercises regularly and start on a pre-workout supplement.


In fact, for many women dedicated to go to the gym and see fewer results, they just simply quit trying.That is why it is an excellent idea to add pre-workout supplements in your daily exercise routine. So, which is the best pre-workout for women? Read on to find out more!

What Is A Pre-Workout Supplement?

Best Pre-Workout For Women

Before we go any further in our exercises and diet, females should take some time to understand the basics about supplements. So, what is a pre-workout supplement and why do women need one?

It is a kind of substance, which both males and females should consume before working out. Moreover, it can be in the form of powder, pills, etc. to provide you with numerous benefits.

Each supplement is different from one another. Some are mild, and others are intense.The effect of the substance may vary depending on how well your body absorbs it.

Types Of Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-workout substances can be in the form of pills, powder, and other available forms. Some females will choose one to the other. So, it is crucial to learn each one of them. Here are the different varieties of pre-workout supplements:


Best Pre-Workout For Women

Powdered supplements are easy to use, especially that you can just combine the concoction with water and juices. However, even though it is an excellent substance to prepare, the taste may seem intense at times.The powdered form is more common than the pill supplement. Also, they tend to provide better results.


Best Pre-Workout For Women

Pills are also convenient to take up. However, this may not be the right form for every woman. When you use pills, you just get one and try to swallow it down along with water. The process of consuming the pill is easier than powder. But, a lot of people cannot bear taking pills.

Whether you prefer powder over pills or vice versa, you will want to ensure that you follow the instructions suggested on the bottle or pack. All in all, you can find the details of the substance on the label located at the back of the product.

By understanding the instructions, you can prevent any unwanted effects while you reap all of the benefits.

Performance Types Of Pre-Workout Supplements

When heading to the market to find pre-workout supplements, you will want to go for a particular product for an individual purpose. For example, some of these products mixed with some other ingredients can create an all-in-one product. Other solutions also promise better results for weightlifters and athletes. Here are the types of performance-enhancing supplements:

All-In-One Supplement

If you are searching for a complete pre-workout for women, then you should find an all-in-one substance. It is a supplement that can offer the client with every ingredient to fulfill his or her body goals.

For instance, it provides the user extra energy to workout, lots of amino acids, and bigger muscles. Whether you are training strenuously or taking things slowly, this is the supplement for you.

Pump-Based Solution

Pump-based pre-workout substances are for pro weightlifters and athletes. These supplements will assure you of muscle growth and extra strength. These make you lift more and have better results.

Thermogenic Substances

These exercise supplements have the purpose of increasing the calorie burn in your body. Their properties can also increase the rate of your metabolism, making you sweat heavily. If you want to lose fat quickly, this is the right solution for you.

As you try to consider some supplements for a particular focus, it is right to look for what you want to achieve. Once you know this part, then you can select the types of product that aim for your fitness goals.

Advantages Of Pre-Workout Supplements

Before you take up a substance, it is ideal to check out the particular benefits it can bring to your body. Each of the supplements is different from one another, but the benefits they bring are universal. Here are the advantages of drinking these exercise solutions:

Enhances Energy and Focus

Best Pre-Workout For Women

For you to have a great workout, you need to put enough attention on the activities you do. If you are already tired while running on a treadmill, then you can push hard enough. Instead, you can fall from the fast-moving machine. What you need is a supplement that will give you the exact energy and focus. By consuming your pre-workout substance, you also tend to increase in the intensity of your exercises. Then, it will ensure you to achieve your goals quickly than expected.

Boosts Metabolism

Best Pre-Workout For Women

A lot of pro female athletes choose to mix their vitamins with pre-workout solutions. By doing so, they can get the maximum advantages of both products. Also, they tend to work out without getting drained quickly.

As the solutions increase your metabolism, they can also help you lose fat productively. But, it is not always needed to mix the two in your daily regimen. You can also get enough vitamins from your proper diet.

Vitamins B5, B2, and Biotin are vital to boost your metabolism. As you amplify your metabolic rate, it will help you lose fats, proteins, and carbohydrates efficiently. So, it will have a significant effect in your body’s process to use up energy while breaking down fatty acids.

Improves Mood

Best Pre-Workout For Women

Another benefit you can get from pre-workout supplements is the mood enhancement property. They can change your mental status and allow you to have a good feeling while working out.

A serving of your favorite solution can carry you all throughout the day. But, you need to make sure that you follow the instructions provided in your supplement and never take more than the recommended serving.

5 Best Pre-Workout Supplements For Women

**For more detailed reviews, you can see the following information below. Also, you can click the links embedded in the table to see current prices of these products and customer's comments on Amazon as well**

#1 BulkSupplements Creatine Monohydrate Powder Micronized

Via Amazon.com

The BulkSupplements Creatine Monohydrate Powder can offer your muscles the stamina they require to conquer intense bodybuilding, CrossFit, strength training, and powerlifting exercises.

It is a micronized creatine that will help reach the maximum muscle pump you need. Plus, it will allow you to get the full energy levels you desire for the most explosive workout sessions anywhere.

With its pure creatine content, it will surely help you push more at the gym. Moreover, you can use it as a pre or post-workout supplement to reach your fitness and body goal.

Not only that it will help you bulk up, but it can also boost up your speed, especially in boxing, powerlifting, and it cardio workouts. What even makes it ideal for everyone is that vegans can also enjoy this supplement.There are no unnecessary ingredients added to this product too.


  • It is a product with an excellent value per ounce of use. In fact, each powder is essential to building up your strength and stamina.
  • The powder of BulkSupplements is so fine that it dissolves faster in water, in smoothies, and in juices.
  • The fruity taste of the supplement is also enough to cover up the unwanted taste of creatine.
  • Also, this powder promises results pre or post-workout. I’ve got more energy when I use this product.


  • The only downfall for me is that it does not come with a scooper. So, if the manufacturer would provide one, then everything would be perfect.

#2 Sheer Pre X Nitric Oxide Booster Pre-Workout

Via Amazon.com

The Sheer Pre X Supplement will give you the energy you’ll need to execute the best exercises every single day. It has 100 percent proven and safe ingredients without any additives and fillers.

Moreover, it increases your natural nitric oxide production and energy stores in the body. It also allows proper blood and nutrition flow to every muscle group. So, you can assure of improved performance and energy levels.

It is a supplement with premium quality ingredients. Also, this series is different from other supplements in the same category. It is probably one of the most efficient and powerful supplements you have to invest.


  • It is a supplement unlike any other. I can get the full energy and the muscle pump with just the suggested dosage when working out at the gym.
  • Also, the taste of this product is great. It won’t leave any unwanted bitter taste.
  • Plus, you won’t experience any crash and jitters under the use this product.


  • Sometimes, I just feel a tingling in my hands and feet after using this product. However, I cannot attest if it is because of the product or because I am too exhausted.

#3 BPI Sports Best BCAA Shredded

Via Amazon.com

The BPI Sports BCAA can generate the build up of your lean muscles. And along with that, it can help shed fat without the lean muscle mass. Also, this supplement can help optimize maximum recovery of your muscles after pushing too hard at the gym.

The BCAAs also allow enough absorption and utilization of the solution in the body. Its Nitric Oxide content also helps promote performance, pumps, recovery, and nutrient transport to your systems.

Additionally, it helps burn fat to serve as fuel. It will also help you lose weight and decrease the catabolism of protein.

Its Citrulline can also enhance oxygen transport and blood flow to keep your muscle gains and improve performance.


  • It provides me with the right kind of energy in the morning and the evening.
  • Also, I feel less sore after working out. So, it enhances my muscle recovery after exercising.
  • The cherry lime taste of this product is also superb. It won’t leave you with bitterness on the tongue.


  • On the other hand, this supplement leaves me craving for food. I notice that after drinking it, I feel uncontrollably hungry.

#4 PRIMAL SURGE Pre-Workout Supplement

Via Amazon.com

Via users rating, the Primal Surge got the vote of the best pre-workout supplement. Also, it is a smooth solution that won’t offer any jitters and crash.

Plus, it retains your energy all throughout the day. What’s even better is that this supplement is excellent for both males and females.

If you need a supplement for building muscles and sustaining endurance, then this is the right kind for you. It contains Citrulline, Beta Alanine, and Carnitine for better workouts and muscle pumping effects.

Also, this product is made to facilitate your weight loss journey to get ripped.


  • The product can offer me the maximum amount of energy boost, especially when I do not feel like exercising.
  • A plus factor is that the Primal Surge does not leave any unwanted tastes, unlike other products.
  • Additionally, my workouts become longer and stronger after using this product for a few months now.
  • It won’t leave you with jitters and crashes too.


  • A downside is that the manufacturer has now increased the price of the product. So, some may not afford this supplement.

#5 Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women

Via Amazon.com

The Opti-women pills mix essential minerals and vitamins, including Soy Isoflavones and Ostivone. These are all inclusive of women’s optimum health and fitness. In fact, each capsule can contain the 23 minerals and vitamins.

Plus, you can also benefit from its iron, calcium, and folic acid content. Lastly, it contains other expert-added ingredients for enhanced performance.


  • The Opti-Women pills can undoubtedly increase your energy levels. In fact, the product makes me alive even after working out.
  • Also, it does not only help me develop my body goals, but it also aids me in fighting sickness like colds and flu.
  • Overall, it enhances my performance and my vitality.


  • I still get muscle soreness or cramps after working out. So, I think I should pair this a powdered form supplement.


Pre-workout supplements help support your focus, energy, strength, and endurance when working out. When you feel like going to the gym or anywhere you like to push hard for your body goal, you should get the top selling and high-quality pre-workout solution available on the market today.

For many, the BulkSupplements Creatine is the best supplement ever made for both men and women. Not only that it gets you moving without feeling any adverse effects, but is also helps you achieve your maximum performance.

All in all, this is one of the leading pre-workouts out there for you!

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