Top 5 Of The Best MP3 Player For Running – Don’t Shop Until You Read This!


Without music, your life will be boring. Let us face the fact that music helps make our activities fun and exciting. Plus, it improves our moods. If you like to combine exercise and music, then you have to invest in the right MP3 player.


There may be lots of options when it comes to MP3 players. But, you must be aware that selecting the best MP3 player for running may be quite overwhelming. So, today, we are going to give you the list of the top MP3 players you can use for exercising and running.

Types Of Mp3 Players

#1 Flash MP3 Player

A Flash player stores music on a tiny computer chip. The chip is somewhat rough and skip-proof. A flash player usually does not have moving parts. So, you can always bring this device when running in uneven or rough terrains.

However, the problem with this type of player is its capacity. Today, a lot of flash players only have the maximum capacity of around 512 megabytes. So, it can only allow up to 200 songs in a single player. For higher capacity players, it may be quite expensive.

#2 Hard Drive Player

It is a type of MP3 player that can accumulate a higher capacity of data compared to a flash MP3 player. However, a hard drive player may be at risk of skipping and failure, especially if you overuse it. It is a sensitive device that has parts which quickly shift from one position to another.

In fact, its read head and aluminum platters can easily spin up to 5000 RPM. But, if you want to store more songs on an MP3 player that comes handy, you may want to choose a hard drive player.

How Much Should You Spend On An Mp3 Player

An MP3 player usually cost a little over 40 dollars. However, if you want a greater capacity than the average, you may want to spend at least ten times that amount. But, the amount that you have to spend still depends on the features you want on your MP3 player.

Those who are fond of music will always look after an excellent listening experience. Pro runners also report enhanced training capability when they listen to music. So, you may want a device that can hold up to hundreds and thousands of songs without getting broke.

However, we have discovered that you will only need a couple of bucks to get yourself a decent MP3 player. Moreover, cheap MP3 players are also usually smaller and simpler to use. However, they typically do not have a display on a monitor.

For instance, an iPod Shuffle does not contain a screen. Thus, you have to enjoy your music randomly.But, if you want a player that is capable of playing videos via Bluetooth or can connect to WiFi, you may want a pricier device. Plus, they may also have more memory and power for longer use.

What Makes An Mp3 Player A Good Choice

When you choose a good MP3 player, it will still depend on the features you want to add. Some people want an MP3 player that is ideal to use during exercising and running. Others choose a player that is suitable for longer travels.

A good MP3 player will certainly fit in the music player into the headset. That way, it will be perfect for gym-goers and runners. Other devices can also come with clips that you can attach to your clothes.

Thus, you can exercise without worrying that the player will fall on the floor. Whatever you want in an MP3 player, you must remember always to choose the ones with great sound quality. Also, it must have ease of use and balance portability.

Other Features To Look For In A Good Mp3 Player

#1 Size Of The Device

The size of your player matters. So, you want something that is compact and small that you can carry wherever you go. Plus, it won’t add too much weight, especially when you run or workout.

You will want to purchase a clip-on MP3 player that is handy. As long as it is tiny enough to store in your pocket, then you are ready to move!

#2 Capacity Of The Player

A two-gigabyte device can store up to 14 hours of music. So, you are willing to go for about a week or two of running. However, you need to remember that the greater the space of the player, the better it is.

You can accumulate all of your favorite songs. Plus, you won’t worry which songs you shall choose and which ones should you leave out.

#3 Battery Capability Of The Mp3 Player

An average player will have a battery life of around 12 hours. For most people, this is already adequate. However, for marathon runners, it may be less. Thus, you may need some extra battery for backup.

#4 Display Of The Device

While running, it is unnecessary to look at the screen of the MP3. However, for other individuals, this is a useful feature. They usually use this to search for their favorite songs faster.

#5 A Unit That’s Waterproof

You may encounter different kinds of weather as you do your runs. Hence, you do not want to get a player that dies out when wet. Also, you do not want to damage your MP3 player when you accidentally dropped it in the mud.

However, a waterproof MP3 player can be quite expensive. So, a solution for this problem is to put your player in a small waterproof cover.

#6 The Quality Of Sound The Player Produces

The sound quality of your device depends on your earbuds or headphones. So, make sure that they have the highest quality of materials as possible.

#7 Capacity To Bluetooth Songs

It is very convenient to invest in a Bluetooth player. You do not want some wires hanging out when you are working out or running. But, you need to take note that this feature lessens the capability of the device to have longer battery life.

#8 The Software Of The Mp3 Player

You cannot get the most out of your device if you cannot store your favorite songs in it. But, you need to realize that it all depends on the software of the player.

The manufacturer will install software that you can quickly update, especially when updating the contents of the device. Also, you can search for the best MP3 software you’ll see on the Internet.

#9 Ease Of Use Of The Device

When you purchase a player that has confusing buttons, then it will leave you frustrated. What you need to find is an MP3 player that can display your songs. Also, you may want a player with a great interface. That way, you can easily use your device.

Top 5 Of The Best MP3 Player For Running

**For more detailed reviews, you can see the following information below. Also, you can click the links embedded in the table to see current prices of these products and customer's comments on Amazon as well**

#1 Goldenseller 16 GB MP4/ MP3 Player

The Goldenseller MP3 player does not include a built-in memory. However, it comes with a 16 GB micro SD card. You can easily use this device because it comes with the multi-language system. Also, you can view some picture, videos, ebooks in this player.

You can even listen to music, and voice recorder.Its built is small that it can fit right in your purse, backpack, and a pocket for exercising and running.

Plus, you can conveniently bring it during your travels. The MP3 player also has easy to push buttons. You can set it in different play modes. Also, its design is new, clean, and simple.

It is elegant-looking. The materials of this device are also heavy-duty and durable.


  • It is a multi-functioning and innovative device for playing music.
  • The Goldenseller MP3 player has an excellent and elegant design.
  • The player is lightweight so that you can carry it anywhere you like.
  • It is very easy and convenient to operate.
  • Also, this player has a high amount of storage capacity.
  • The screen can also display clear pictures and videos.


  • The screen visuals are somewhat outdated.
  • Also, the buttons on this device click loudly.

#2 Tomameri Compact and Portable Mp3/ Mp4 Player

It is a stylish-looking MP3 player. Also, it is very lightweight so that you can carry it during your runs and workouts.

The player is compact, digital, and portable. So, you can easily connect this to your computer using just a USB cable.

Also, it has a rechargeable battery. It can give off a high-quality sound. Plus, this device can easily download various music from your computer to the MP3 player.

It comes with a 16GB micro SD card, and you can quickly store the files in there.


  • It can hold enough music, photos, ebooks, and videos.
  • The device has a rechargeable battery and can last up to 70 hours.
  • It is a very user-friendly MP3 player.
  • It comes with different accessories, including the earbuds, cables, and micro SD card.


  • At some point, the device suddenly blinks.
  • It may take some time for the battery to charge completely.

#3 ACEE Deal 16GB Mp4/ Mp3 Player

The ACEE MP3 player has an internal storage, which is 16 GB. So, you can store more music, videos, voice recordings, and photos.

It is portable and lightweight. Plus, it comes with a rechargeable battery that supports the device’s playback.


  • The price is right for the quality of the player.
  • The sound quality of this device is incredible.
  • Moreover, it comes with enough memory space.
  • It is easy to use.


  • It is hard to remember how to exit the music player of the device.
  • It is not entirely spontaneous to operate.

#4 AGPtEK Portable MP3 Player

The device has a 16 GB internal capacity that can hold up to 128 GB micro SD card. Also, you do not have the limitations of the music you like.

Moreover, the player has high-quality materials. It is quite small, so you can bring it during exercising and running.It is shock-proof and crush-resistant.

Plus, it has a volume control button and an OLED screen. It can play music up to 30 hours by its earphones.


  • The device is multi-functional.
  • Also, it has a solid-built.
  • Its memory can expand up to 128 GB.
  • It is small and easy to carry.
  • Moreover, it has an incredible battery life that can last up to 20 or 30 hours.


  • It would just start to shuffle randomly.
  • Also, it does not come with the Bluetooth property.

#5 GHB MP3 Player (2016 New Version)

The MP3 player has an innovative and elegant design. Also, it has an aluminum metal casting for a stylish look.

Plus, the buttons are sensitive to touch. The device comes with high-quality and durable materials.It is a multi-functioning device.

Also, it also facilitates the auto-tune and FM radio. Lastly, it comes with 8GB capacity for storage.


  • The player has clean lines.
  • Also, the device can load different music.
  • It comes with cable wires for convenience.
  • Moreover, it has a slot made for the memory card.


  • It has a pretty bad headphone jack.
  • Also, it is a lot smaller compared to the image online.


While working out and running, music makes your movements more exciting and enjoyable. Also, it increases your spirit when you run for longer distances. But, the problem is that it is quite hard to find the right MP3 player for exercising and running.

However, with the list provided above, it will help us choose the best MP3 player to store some of your favorite music. A lot of runners and gym-goers select the Goldenseller MP4/ MP3 player.

It will allow you to enjoy more of your workouts and runs. So, you will less likely quit even if the activities get tough.

You can store more lively songs for your runs and exercises with the use of this device. And it will work for a longer time so that you can play the whole playlist of your favorite songs.

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