Choosing The Safest And The Best Dog Harness For Running

For your morning or afternoon walks and runs, it is vital for a dog and its owner to determine the best dog harness for running. You see, dog harness is an excellent equipment to promote your dog’s comfort since you can freely adjust it.


dog harness for running

In fact, there a lot of varieties of harnesses produced on the market today. So, how do you know it’s the right one for your dog? Thus, here are what you need to know before you choose a dog-friendly and user-efficient dog harness.

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Why Do You Need To Purchase A Harness?

There are many reasons why dog owners should opt to buy a harness over a collar. The main reasons why you should select the former are because the harness is efficient for lifting and running.

dog harness

​Collars also tend to choke your dog as it tries to pull it, while a harness tries to equal the weight of the dog. The harness also makes sure that your dog doesn’t get tangled when you go on your runs. ​Also, a harness also helps you lift and move your dogs as needed.

Choosing The Right Harness For Your Dog

harness for dog

When you have already decided to obtain a harness, the next thing you have to do is to determine the right harness for your dog. With that, there are some different factors you should consider, including:

Weight Of Your Dog

pooch weight

Knowing how each product determines the sizing of the harness is one of the most important factors to consider. If you are having a hard time weighing your dog, you have to scale yourself first.

Then, you have to get your furry friend and scale yourself and your pooch. The result of the difference of the mass is your dog’s weight.

Chest Of Your Dog

pooch weight

What you need to do is to measure your dog’s body with a tape measure. Start at the bottom of your pooch’s rib cage. Then, you should go over before you measure its back. At this point, try to connect to where you have begun measuring.

Your Dog’s Neck

pooch weight

Put the tape measure around the thickest portion of your furry friend’s neck. That’s when you can obtain its neck’s measurement accurately.

Caution: As soon as you have already got these measurements, you can head to the store or shop online for the right harness. However, you should take note that the description of the product contains the size ranges.

Plastic Or Metal Buckles?

Metal Buckles

Plastic Buckles

If you want a lightweight harness that is easy to carry by your dog, then you should opt for a plastic buckle. There are also very convenient to put on.

However, if you are looking for a harness for bigger dogs or more enthusiastic dogs, you have to go for the metal buckle. What is nice about metal buckles is that they do not work very tight on your dog’s body than the plastic buckles.

Step-In Harness vs Overhead Harness

Step-in Harness

Overhead Harness

A step-in harness forms an 8-shape, and it needs your pooch to step into the harness. Some dogs are easy to step into this harness, but it is less safe and secure to use.

On the other hand, an overhead harness is a slide-over harness. You slide it over your dog’s head, and you secure it around its back.

Overall, an overhead harness is more secure since it provides more padding and adjustment settings. It holds even challenging and injured dogs.

Adjustments Of The Harness

adjust harness

It is also essential to look for a harness that you can set some changes. Although you still base the harness on your dog’s weight, chest and neck size, you still need to look into adjustment options.

You need to know that the step-in harness has limited options when it comes to changes. Thus, it is more practical to use the overhead harness because it offers four to five calibration points.

Setting Up Your Dog’s Harness

To fit the harness correctly in your dog’s body, you should ensure that it is relatively loose. It will make sure that you slip the harness correctly on your dog. When you ultimately put it on, you can tighten it.

You should also know that the proper fit of the harness is that the owner can still put his or her two fingers. Moreover, here are the steps you should follow:

  • Put the harness over your dog’s head. At this point, you should not tighten the harness.
  • Adjust the chest area of the harness. Make sure that it is in contact with your dog’s tummy and chest.
  • For the chest portion, you need to swing the two buckles on one side of your dog. Put it in the front of his legs. Then, you have to fasten the buckles to the back.
  • What you need to do next is to regulate the sides of your dog’s harness. It should fit properly.
  • The tummy should also fit snugly.
  • Then, also put on the harness on your dog’s neck comfortably.
  • Additionally, only some harness has adjustment settings on the stomach. If it does have an adjustment point, adjust it snugly.

Putting On The Harness



After setting up the harness, here’s what you need to do:

  • Put the harness over your pooch’s head.
  • Allow the chest area to swing over its head.
  • Next, the chest part should be touching your dog’s belly and chest.
  • Also, for the chest part, swing the two buckles and button them up to the back of the harness.

How To Determine A Poor Fitting Harness

fitting harness

When the harness does not properly fit, you may be applying the harness the wrong way, or you got an odd size of the harness. 

Furthermore, you must know the signs of a poorly fitting harness. These includes:

  • Loose harness around the body of your dog.
  • Resistance around the area.
  • Dog can’t wiggle freely.
  • The back part of the harness can rotate to the sides.
  • Dog can easily resist the harness when walking or running.

The Best Dog Harness For Running

Running together with your dog every morning is the best way to allow your dog to exercise and become energetic enough. But, you need to have a dog harness so that you will avoid wearing yourself out after the runs.

Thus, you need to try these best dog-friendly harnesses that are good for when you bring your dog while walking or running

Top 5 Best Dog Harness For Running

1. BINGPET Velvet Red Bowtie Gentleman Suit Boy Dog Tuxedo

It is a stylish harness, especially for fashionista dog owners. It has a classic tuxedo vest and bows that will look amazing on your pooch.

The harness also looks appropriate for birthdays, parties, weddings, etc. It also comes in two styles. It can have red sequins paired with the black bow tie.

Your dog will look like a princess with this harness. Another style is the classic black and white. It comes with a red bow tie, which will make your dog look classy. Its main component is 100 percent Polyester.

It has a comfortable mesh fabric that will keep your dog dry all of the time. It can comfortably fit, and you can also take it off with no hassle. It has a secure slide down clip.


  • The cotton exterior and the Polyester interior make this harness comfortable.
  • Ensures safety and security because of its slide down clip.
  • Your dog will look cute and classy with its design.
  • Promotes natural fit and wear because of its step-in innovation.


  • Some clients complain that the size chart of the product does not match the actual fit of the harness. The harness is smaller than expected

2. Mr. Dog No Pull Dog Soft Leash Harness

Mr. Dog’s harness is very comfortable for dogs compared to a leash tied to your dog’s neck collar. The harness also promotes safety and security than any other standard harness.

It has a body-snuggling materials for the body parts that need steadiness. It will make sure that the harness will last longer.

The exterior and the interior of this harness contains high-quality cotton materials. The design of this harness will also snugly fit in your dog’s body.

The design is also adjustable, especially when your dog loses or puts on more weight.


  • Fits the dog properly, especially on its tummy, chest, and neck.
  • The harness is adjustable.
  • It is very durable and wear-and-tear resistant.
  • The design is also easy to wear and take off.


  • Some items have a thin chain hook.

3. K9konnection’s Reflective No Pull and No Choke Dog Harness

The K9konnection harness has a design that fits any sizes of dogs. It also ensures that every dog breed can use the harness comfortably. Also, it has a complete set of adjustable straps.

The quality of the materials is top notch. It is sturdy and can be used in heavy-duty walks and runs. The harness contains breathable and soft materials.

It also comes with an extra long metal buckle. It comes in matching colors, which will look great on your dog. It also has a reflective that comes in different colors.


  • Offers comfort and security to your dogs.
  • Does not put too much pressure on your dog’s neck.
  • Your dog can freely move, yet the harness still provides safety and stable walking capability.
  • You can control your dog easier with this harness.
  • Ideal for medium and large sized pooches.
  • Perfect for training, walking, and running.
  • It makes sure that your dog does not pull or tag you during certain activities.


  • Some customers received the wrong color of the harness. And when they tried to return the product, the shipping took so long to process.

4. Newbury Paws Classic Harness

The Newbury Paws Classic Harness has a design, which is suitable even for bigger dogs. It has high-quality materials and construction. It comes with comfortable and convenient features.

It also improves control and safety for dogs. Its innovative design makes sure that the dog and the owner can enjoy some outdoor activities together. It development went to a canine physical therapist.

It also boasts its luxurious design, so your dog will look classy and expensive. What’s even better is that it comes with a handy pocket.


  • Particularly designed for big dogs.
  • This harness will make a New England classic look.
  • Promotes extra comfort and security.
  • For everyday use.
  • Quick and easy to wear.
  • Promotes no pull training.
  • Eliminates choking and wrangling during walking and running.
  • The harness can handle heavy-duty activities.


  • Some buyers complain that the harness is too expensive for its use.
  • It cannot handle the pulling and harsh movements of big dogs.
  • Not as durable as it looks.
  • The materials are thinner than expected.

5. Rnker Dog Harness

Rnker dog harness has strong innovation and capacities. It offers premium quality products with high cost feat. It also comes with a professional design. It provides comfort not only to dogs, but also the owners.

The product went through various testing to provide the best security and comfort. Moreover, it provides a great experience for walking, jogging, running, and other activities with your dog.

The harness comes with premium quality multi-spandex. It comes with a special fabric for flexibility and comfort.

Any dog breed can use this harness, but they are more advisable for medium-sized pooches. What makes it more unique is that it has a personalized dog pattern on its surface.


  • The strength of the harness is good.
  • It is suitable for dog’s skin touch even for longer periods.
  • Provides comfort, security, safety, and stability.
  • Reduces pulling and any extreme movements of your dog.


  • Some parts of the harness are thin


Having control of your dog is very crucial for a happy owner and a jolly dog. The right type of harness can extremely help the dog and the owner.

Thus, a dog harness is an excellent tool because of it promotes comfort and ease, especially if it is adjustable. Well, there are hundreds of harness available on the market. However, a lot of customers choose the Rnker Dog Harness.

It does not only reduces the pulling of your dog when walking or running, but it also provides the high standard of safety and security for small, medium, and large-sized dogs.

If you have more concerns, questions, suggestions, and tips about choosing the best dog harness, you may feel free to visit our site. Do not forget to drop some questions and suggestions and we are more than happy to answer them all!

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