Why Your Ankle Hurts After Running? The Reasons Might Surprise You!

Running is a truly strenuous exercise. Many runners are complaining that their ankle hurts after running. Running sends shocks to your entire legs as you continuously pace forward.

Pain is inevitable when it comes to running. For beginner runners, muscle sores are their most general clamor. However, even for experienced and tested athletes, getting pain, specifically in the ankle, is still possible. In fact, it occurs prevalent, especially those doing hard runs.


ankle hurts

If you are into running, we advise that you should not engage in hard runs twice a day. And most especially, limit your runs three times a week. You can spend the rest of the week doing cross-exercises.

Moreover, never forget to give yourself one rest day. By doing this, you can prevent your legs from getting injuries such as pain in the ankle.

If your ankle hurts after running, then several factors might have caused that. We listed all the possible causes so try to take a look if which of these triggered the pain.

Reasons Why Your Ankle Hurts After Running ?

1. Inappropriate Footwear

ankle hurts after running

In running, you have to take regards of your footwear. Aside from getting the right training, having good shoes can make a big difference. Many running shoes have built-in technical features that allow further support, balance, and protection while running.

If you are wearing regular shoes, or perhaps, old sneakers, there is a good chance that you can feel discomfort. In addition, after your run, you might suffer pain in your ankle. To avoid this, wear proper footwear. Try to invest in this to prevent unwanted pains!

2. Tight Muscles Of Your Feet

Some people have tight muscles in their feet. If you are one of those, then you have higher tendencies of having a painful ankle.

You cannot soften this tightness because it is already natural. However, you can massage your ankles with a small ball before and after your run so that you can lessen or prevent the pain.

3. History Of Injuries

ankle hurts after running

Have you been injured in the past? Maybe like a sprained ankle? You thought that you are already cleared of the injury. It could be the thing, but strenuous activities like running can make these injuries resurface again.

The only viable recommendation that we can give is to see your attending physician. Take note the possible options to stop hurting after running.

4. Too Much Training

ankle hurts after running

​Training is necessary to achieve the desired form of your body. Aside from that, it can prepare your muscles before doing any rigorous workouts.

​However, excessive training such as long hard runs can eventually cause strain the tendons and muscles. It can even fracture your bones at some point.

​If you require yourself to do high-intensity regimens, try to look for those with less impact on your ankle muscles such as stationary bikes and rowing machines.

​5. A Lack Of Structured Motion

​As you can see, you need to do mobility exercises before running to establish a formal motion within your foot. The motion is supposed to be linear since some people have their foot do unnecessary swaying. Specifically, that movement can trigger ankle sprain after running.

​6. Inversion sprain

​When you complain that your ankle hurts after running, you might have an inversion sprain which happens when your ankles roll inward. Athletes and runners are the usual recipients of this injury.

​It is a serious injury. Therefore, you need the aid of a doctor or health professional as your ligaments might have been damaged already.

What To Do When Your Ankle Hurts After Running?

Ankle pains after running are normal at some point, but there are cases where you have to treat them immediately.

If you are feeling the pain already, never get afraid to ask for professional help. Seek the aid of your doctor and ask for possible medications and treatments.

ankle hurts after running

You Should Go To Your Doctor If...

    • You can't feel the weight of your ankle.
    • You notice that there is a change in the appearance of your ankle.
    • You feel that the pain is severe and intense.
    • You hear a cracking sound every time you move your ankle.
    • You have a fever.

When you are into running, you have to invest for your protection. You have to buy quality footwears. Furthermore, try to look for support implements such as a splint or a brace. These can immobilize your feet for faster healing of the pain.

​You can also use crutches when not running so that your ankle will be free from too much body weight.To further support your ankle, wrap it with an elastic bandage. But remember, don't do it too tightly.

​When your ankle is painful and swelling already, place a cube of ice on it for about twenty minutes. This can reduce the swell as well as numb you from the pain.

​Ankle Hurts After Running: Prevention !

Giving your ankle adequate care is necessary to prevent any pain. It is the only favor that you can give to this muscle. ​You should do exercises like making circular motions to lengthen the mobility of your ankles further.

​Moreover, try this exercise: place your foot flat on the floor and push it to any immovable objects such as a wall. Hold this position for one minute. This can gradually strengthen your ankle.


There are several reasons why your ankle hurts after running. We have elaborated those reasons, and it is time for you to assess what might have caused yours. Aside from getting medical care, the best thing is:

    • Care for your feet.
    • Do some exercises.
    • Do not over over-train.
    • ... And keep a healthy diet.

Do you have any comments, questions, and suggestions? Ask us! We love to hear from you !

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