A Guide To Probiotics – How It Helps You Become A Good Runner

Do you know that bacteria can be beneficial?


It can keep you healthy and help an athlete train better!

Although we take antibiotics to kill the bacterial infection, the right bacteria at the right time can offer myriad of benefits; and one such bacteria is probiotic.

But, how do they improve running performance?


Difference Between Jogging And Running

If you feel pain in your stomach while running or if you are dealing with internal health issues like chronic cold or digestive disorders, then probiotics is what you need. 

Probiotics are microorganisms that nourish digestive system and strengthen body’s ability to absorb nutrients to fight infection.

There are approximately 2000 different types of bacteria that reside on your skin and digestive system. Since this bacteria is beneficial for your body providing many benefits, people take either from a probiotic-rich diet or a probiotic supplements to fulfill its deficiency in the body.

These bacteria’s are responsible for:

•    Creating enzymes that aids in killing harmful bacteria
•    They aids in producing vitamin B12, Vitamin K2 and butyrate
•    They aid in crowding out harmful bacteria
•  Stimulating secretion of enzymes that support healthy immune system.


Probiotics keep our digestive tract healthy by maintaining the balance between the good and the bad bacteria thereby strengthening internal health.

However, poor food choices, lack of sleep, overuse of antibiotics and other environmental influences can give rise to bad bacteria.
Moreover, for athletes it’s quite essential to have probiotics, as they aid in keeping the gut healthy.

It will make them stronger for the long-run exercises and will help them boost immunity.

Some of the health benefits of probiotics that could benefit runners are:

It Aids In The Healthy Gut​​​​​

The first and the most important benefit of probiotic is healthy digestive tract. Since 80% of our immune system is located in the gastrointestinal tract, it is essential to keep it healthy.

Besides, the digestive system is the largest part of the neurological system and is found in the gut. Therefore, healthy gut will put a significant amount on the mood and brain function.

Furthermore, an imbalanced digestive system can give rise to problems like chronic fatigue, thyroid imbalance, joint pain, psoriasis and even autism, which can hamper the athletes regime.

However, eating foods that are rich in good bacteria will prevent the body from diseases like diarrhea, ulcer and ulcerative colitis.

Promotes Healthy Respiratory System For Long-Run Exercises

Respiratory infections caused by bacteria’s are the most common problem in the human body. As per the study, the probiotics aids in reducing the risk of respiratory concerns like catching a cold or cough.

From normal respiratory tracts to the upper respiratory infections, they can lead to many harmful effects on the body.

However, have a probiotic diet or supplement can improve that. It keep the immune system strong thereby helping athletes to do hard exercises


Athletes usually reside on special diets, which sometimes can become problematic and give rise to problems like constipation.

However, two servings of yogurt with probiotic bacteria for few weeks will make them healthy. Not only this, it will increase bowel moments and will also reduce bloating in the body.


Although antibiotics can cure you of diarrhea, they deplete the number of good bacteria from your gut thereby resulting in loose stool and fatigue while doing exercises.

However, the probiotic supplement or the probiotic diet can help relieve many symptoms.

Female Problems

lungs hurt after running

Healthy and unhealthy bacteria not only fight for controlling gut but also help in promoting the healthy female reproductive system.

Female athletes mostly rely on antibiotics to keep their immune system strong. But these antibiotics deplete the amount of probacteria in the body giving rise to many infections.​

However, a probiotic diet can curb the bad bacteria by maintaining the balance between the good and bad bacteria

Improve mental illness

Since these bacteria are responsible for improving the anxiety by reducing inflammation, they aid in reducing depression symptoms.

Moreover, it also impacts the symptoms of other mental problems and aids in promoting good gut health.

Lowering Blood Pressure

Probiotics aids in lowering blood pressure by improving the amount of heart-related substance of the blood like triglycerides and cholesterol.

It will help in reducing insulin resistance and regulating the number of proteins and enzymes that are secreted by the kidneys.



Consume sour foods like apple cider vinegar and fermented vegetables. Not only they contain acids like gluconic acid and acetic acid, but they also contain acids like acetic acid and gluconic acid that aids in the functioning of probiotics.


Since probiotics are living organisms, they would need something to feed off. And that something is fermentable fiber. So, have a fiber-rich diet like chia seeds, flaxseeds, and another high-fiber diet. You can also include sweet potatoes, vegetables, and fruits that are high in fiber content.



Probiotic-rich foods are one of another way that aids in boosting healthy gut bacteria. Consume foods like high-quality goat milk, yogurt, coconut kefir, kombucha, kefir and much more. One of the best ways to bring them into your diet is to mix them to make a smoothie.


Greek yogurt or cultured one made from the milk of cow, goat or sheep will serve the best to boost the probiotics in your body.


It’s a fermented beverage made from rye and barley that aids in promoting a healthy gut. With mild flavors, it is created by using root vegetables like carrots, fruits, and beets.


Like yogurt, it is also a fermented dairy product with the combination of milk and kefir grains (fermented). The bacteria and yeast manufacture it by breaking them in the milk.


They are high in vitamin C and aids in promoting digestive enzymes. It’s also a good source of natural lactic acid called lactobacillus.


Natto features fermented soybeans and contains powerful probiotic called Bacillus subtilis which aids in boosting the immune system. Also, it aids in improving the cardiovascular health. It features vitamin B12 and is also one of the highest plant-based proteins.


  • check
    They are not consumed with other drugs
  • check
    All foods with probiotics are not equal
  • check
    Some people may possess mild side-effects
  • check
    They are not safe for everyone
  • check
    Read the label before choosing your product

Since overall health depends on the proper balance of your gut bacteria, it is very important to have probiotics to support the immune system. They will reduce the chronic inflammation thereby affecting the development of diseases.

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