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How Long To Wait After Eating And Get The Most Out Of It

Running soon after eating a meal does not only cause an upset stomach, but it will also affect your performance. Right after a meal, a person may feel sluggish, and this will affect your motivation to exercise as well as your performance.

How long to wait to run after eating depends on how much you have eaten as well as the type of food you consumed. Also, it depends on how big you are and how fast or slow your digestive system works.

Top 5 Best Ways To Avoid Foot Pain When Running

For many, running is an outlet, a release and exoneration of a long day or an even longer week. For others, it’s the build up, the training to something great like participating in a marathon or qualifying event. No matter the passion that drives you to run, if foot pain is keeping you from hitting the pavement (or trails), don’t miss these 5 tips: