How To Treat Tendonitis On Top Of Foot With These Easy-To-Do Treatments

Your tendon is a composition of specialized tissues that joins your muscles to your bones. It is often naturally fibrous. Tendons also have significant functions, primarily to facilitate our movements.

What Is The Average Stride Length In Competitive Running

Your efficiency in competitive running, especially for long distances, relies on your stride length and stride rate. However, a sad reality is that most runners do not have any idea how to measure the length of their steps. So, by using the average running stride length and the formula, you can have an estimate of your stride length.

Why You Should Go for A Run Every day

Why You Should Go for A Run Every day ? The Surprising Answer You Need To Know!

If you are still hesitating to grab your running shoes and hit the park, you are missing so much. The joy of running amongst the greens and nature with music by your ears, the sweat that seemingly sweeps all your stress away, the confidence and social relations you get on the track are all priceless.

5 Principles For The Best Advanced Marathon Training Plan

A training program is necessary for all sorts of runners, including advanced marathon runners, because it prevents pain and injuries. It also helps you to achieve your goals within a timeframe.

best treadmill under 1000

Best Treadmill Under 1000 Dollars For 2017 & Where You Can Get One

If you are looking for the best treadmill under 1000 dollars, you’re in the right place. We know it can be quite overwhelming because there are many kinds in the market. That’s why, aside from the list, we will also give you treadmill buying guide to help you out.

best cheap running shoes

Best Cheap Running Shoes With High Flex And Support


Running with the wrong pair of shoes can cause you potential injuries, especially when running on rough terrains. A poor selection of running shoes may bring back pain, tendinitis, foot pain, runner’s knee, and other severe conditions.

But, before choosing your running shoes, you will need to consider your running terrains, running style, budget, and personal preferences. Then, you will be set to buy and take your shoes into your new running adventures.

However, for runners who want to purchase the cheap running shoes, getting one is like buying a new car or a house. As you set yourself to look for the best cheap running shoes, always consider your budget.

You will spend all of your time budgeting and thinking of the pair that suits your taste. Aside from your budget, you may also consider the comfort level of the footwear. It can portray the significant role in your successful runs.

How To Select Cheap Running Shoes

best cheap running shoes

Finding affordable running shoes has some advantages and disadvantages. When you say cheap footwear, two perceptions come into mind. First and foremost, people think that these shoes are affordable. It means that you can easily buy these shoes. However, they still provide high-quality materials and maximum performance.

Next, you may also expect that these shoes have discounts. Some shoes within this category become cheap because they do not have the highest quality of materials. Almost all runners who have shopped for their running shoes how top these gears are as investments in their career.

Plus, they also serve as the financial load for them. However, if you do not mind putting some effort, you can find a good pair of cheap running shoes. In fact, some shoe shops may offer clearance sales and discounts on running shoes. All you have to do is make extra effort to hunt them down!

Here’s How You’ll Find The Best Cheap Running Shoes

#1 Make A Research On Cheap Shoes

best cheap running shoes

If you want to save some cash on purchasing running shoes, the first thing to do is to do your research. You have to determine what type of running shoes would suit your foot type.

It is a significant step since you cannot call cheap footwear the best buy if cannot use it for running. Hence, you need to make sure that you can use the running shoes on your runs. So, what you need to do is find the right affordable shoes that your feet require.

#2 Compare One Shoe Shop To Another

best cheap running shoes

To hunt for discount shoes, you need to have a list of stores that offer the best running shoes that coincide with your requirements. Then, you have to compare your various options. You have to remember that some same model shoes may come at different prices in different stores.

The prices may also change based on the brands you choose. So, you need to compare one shop to another. In this step, you need to consider store-hopping to find the same models and compare their prices. It will ensure you that you save a lot of cash. However, it may require some time and effort to make comparisons of your various options.

#3 Search For Discounts And Promos

best cheap running shoes

Lastly, you do not forget to check out on discounts, clearance sales, and promos. Exclusive discounts and promos may save you a lot of money when you shop for cheap running shoes. You may go shopping online for this one. In fact, many comparison online stores give out discounts and promos.

Some shops offer their complete discounts, while other stores just give out promotional codes to avail discounts. You can even look for discounts reaching up to 50 to 75%. You can also find these discounts and promos on some of the top running shoe stores.

Tips on Buying the Right Running Shoes

Here are some things you need to consider before you purchase your running footwear

*1 Seek For Expert Evaluation For Your Feet

best cheap running shoes

A lot of shoe stores now have a device that can check out the type of your foot and your gait. It will help you determine whether or not you may require support. It will also help your foot avoid rolling inward or pronation.

*2 Head To A Shoe Store To Properly Fit Your Feet

best cheap running shoes

Designs of shoes may vary the fit and feel of the shoes. At times, the materials utilized in creating the shoes can make them feel less comfortable, thick, and stiff. So, you must prevent this situation from occurring by trying some running shoes at a store near you.

*3 Try To Wear Your Shoes Late In The Afternoon

best cheap running shoes

It may sound pretty silly, but this trick works. Your feet start to swell from running different errands all day long. Hence, be sure to try your shoes in the afternoon. It will help you avoid purchasing the shoes that are smaller than your average size.

*4 Look For Shoes That Snugly Fit

best cheap running shoes

If you feel uncomfortable with your shoes, then they must not be your best fit. When you use them during your runs, your feet will start to hurt and swell. And over the course of your activities, you will feel uncomfortable which will worsen with every mile. It will cause you an evident discomfort and pain.

*5 Try A Half-Size Larger Shoe

To avoid putting a strain on your feet and swelling, runners need to purchase shoes that are half a size larger.

*6 Look For The Features Of The Shoes

A pair of running shoes may be quite expensive. Thus, you may try avoiding some extra additional payment on pointless features.

*7 Try To Be More Open-Minded

best cheap running shoes

Even if the shoes look good on you, you must open your mind to other possibilities. You may think you like that color or design. However, do not allow these additional factors deceive you from buying expensive running shoes.

So, what you need to do is to spend some time looking for the right shoe. Try on a lot of pairs and take note which of them feel more comfortable.

A List Of Best Cheap Running Shoes

1. Dream Pairs Men’s 160302-M Men’s Athletic Running Sport Sneakers Shoes

Dream Pair’s textile has well-balanced human-made material. What makes it even better is that it has a USA design. Plus, it is super lightweight with breathable and comfortable flyknit vamp. It comes with a breathable cushioned insole. It has a 1-inch heel height and a 0.5-inch platform.

How Long Should It Take To Run A 5K Challenge?


There are a lot of factors that affect your running speed and finish time. These factors include your age, health and physical condition, your form, clothing and shoes, environment and stride rate. How long should it take to run a 5K? It varies from one person to person.

How to Clean Your Running Shoes

How To Clean Your Running Shoes The Proper Way


Running is a very engaging exercise and activity. You can get a lot of benefits if you include running in your repertoire of activities to promote health and fitness. Whether you see running as a professional or as a hobby, you will need some gear to become an efficient runner.

Running Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

5 Of The Best Running Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis – Don’t Shop Until You Read This!

Does your Achilles hurt a lot during your runs? Every single day as you train, do you feel that there’s something wrong with your Achilles? Do you ever wonder if you should still run or should you stop for a while until it heals? You see, Achilles Tendonitis may be stubborn at times.

inner knee pain after running

Should Inner Knee Pain After Running Alarm You?

Health is wealth, and knowing this moves us to do what it takes to be healthy. Exercising is one ultimate way to maintain good health. If you are the health-conscious type, you’ve probably tried different kinds of exercise, such as walking, running, swimming, and the likes.