Need A Pair Of Running Shoes For Flat Feet? Here Are The Top 6!

Looking the best running shoes for flat feet is crucial. It can determine the extent of your performance and form especially that you have a fallen arch.


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If you are facing the detriments, getting support from having the best running shoes for flat feet could solve your problem. The ideal running shoes for those that have this feet structure can provide support for longer runs and overall comfort without the worry of getting sores and aches after.

The Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet

We have a list of some of the best running shoes that you can try and wear. Check them out and see which of them fits perfectly to your qualifications.

1. Asics Gel Super J33

If you are looking for lightweight and soft running shoes, which is important for those that have flat feet, the Asics Gel Super J33 might be a right choice. This shoe promotes natural running and stability, as if like you are not wearing any footwear at all!

What makes Asics Gel Super J33 a candidate for the best running shoes for feet is because it is designed under the "Asics’ Fluid Axis" technology. It features the flex groove that slices the midsole lengthwise, which in turn enhances stability and natural running.

The flex groove aids in lessening the overpronation of your feet, or make it pronate naturally. The midsole on one side helps your feet to pronate naturally, while the midsole on other side keeps your feet from overpronating too much.

The outer sole of Asics Gel Super J33 has gel cushioning and is made with textured lugs that increase the bounce speed while running.

This shoe's light mesh upper has a series of welded overlays wrapped on it.

However, if you have a wide ankle, then you might find the heel fit slight slippy.

2. Saucony Hurricane 15

People that have overpronating feet have a problem of stability when they are running. The Saucony Hurricane 15 is designed for the purpose of maximizing the stability of the feet.

They are the slightly heavier but definitely not clunky. Despite the weight, this shoe is still good for speed runs and long distance running. It could also be a great partner in gym workouts!

The Saucony Hurricane 15 has a three cushion technology, namely the Power Grid, Impact Interface, and SRC Impact Zone.

The power grid spans through the entire midsole and performs as a support and first-rate cushioning.

The impact interface disengages the heel-strike impact. This feature lets the heel of your feet gets compressed without collapsing at the bottom.

The SRC or the Super Rebound Compound decreases the shock your feet sends to your entire body when they hit the ground. This trait allows for a smooth leg transition, which is essential for runners.

All of these features of Saucony Hurricane 15 are designed to cater the needs of those that have flat feet. Saucony is a bit expensive, but for your feet and passion, it is still worth the try.

3. New Balance M1260v3

When it comes to cushioning, the New Balance M1260v3 proves one of the greatest. It is made under the Acteva Lite midsole technology of the New Balance which makes the midsole cushions are lighter, softer, and durable. This technology provides stronger resistance from the compression of the foam.

Aside from the Acteva Lite technology, the New Balance M1260v3 also possesses the N2 technology, which removes unnecessary weight and bulk.

It is done by using lesser foot materials, but the excellent cushioning and support are still there to give this shoe a good impact absorption.

So this means that when you are using the New Balance M1260v3, you can have a lighter feel while you are running. But at the same time, your flat feet will not experience overpronating due the cushion and support.

The midfoot of the shoe has a T-Beam shank on it, which provides additional optimal support for stability and posture.

The only catch for New Balance M1260v3 is that it styles and aesthetics are not really for everyone. So if you have a picky eye, you might get a hard time finding the right design for you.

4. Nike Lunarglide 6

For the brand alone, the Nike Lunarglide 6 is the top rated running shoes for flat feet. It has the highest stability and at the same time, highest control so that your feet will not overpronate.

The entire sole is made of Lunarfoam of Nike which provides astute cushioning, stability, and impact absorption.

What makes the Lunarfoam a good deal is that it is engineered to conform to the size of your feet. This is an indeed intelligent feature if you will ask us!

It also has a Lunarlon that covers its outer layer for improved shoe stability and support.

The Dynamic Support System of Nike Lunarglide 6 can give your feet an excellent protection from overpronation in the midsoles. Found there is also a dual-cushioning system for more efficient medial support while you are running.

The flex grooves of Nike Lunarglide 6 gives a good flexibility feature and smoother ground transition. However, there are some instances in where people with wider feet found it hard to find a perfect fit of this shoes.

5. Mizuno Wave Inspire 11

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 is a must-have for you if you are looking for athletic aesthetics and designs, aside from having great running shoes for your flat feet.

Having this pair of shoes can give you a great balanced ride, stability, and comfort, even in longer runs. It is also designed to provide protection to feet that are overpronating, flat, and has the lower arch.

It also has a Wave plate that absorbs the shock from running and disperses it away from the foot. This feature allows you to move comfortably, disregarding what kind of foot structure or type of run you are doing. This plate also gives cushioning that keeps the foot centered on the shoes.

To efficiently reduce the shock of running, there is a wedge made from SR foam that is found on the heel of Mizuno Wave Inspire 11. The price of this shoe is quite high. But we know that you might still consider this as your top choice.

6. Brooks Beast 14

The Brooks Beast 14 is not the lightest running shoes out there. But for those that have flat feet and fallen arches, this shoe is something that you should try.

The weight and the entire technical features of Brooks Beast 14 are all designed to control and lessen those runners that have severe overpronation.

The outsole of this motion control sole is made out of abrasion resistant rubber that can provide durability and excellent traction. Also, the outsole has Flexer rubber on it for more flexibility and cushion and HPR Green rubber so that this shoe has more traction and grip of skidding motions.

On the midsole of Brooks Beast 14 is made from BioMoGo, which provides comfortable cushioning and shock resistance. The BioMogo and the HPR Green rubber are all eco-friendly materials.

Also found in the midsole is the Flex Grooves for more flexibility and DRB Accel to provide torso sturdiness and more balance.

The entire span of Brooks Beast 14 has DNA cushioning on it that gives additional support to different aspects of running such as pace, your weight, and even the external running conditions.

On the other hand, the mesh on the upper can give your feet freedom from moisture. It is also breathable so that you can run comfortably. The sock liners of Brooks Beast 14 is also capable of controlling the humidity and gives more cushion.

However, as we said, this is not the lightest running shoes that you can find. Those have wide feet might also get trouble finding the perfect fit for them.


We have picked some of the best running shoes for flat feet. They are the following:

    • Asics Gel Super J33
    • ​Saucony Hurricane 15
    • ​New Balance M1260v3
    • ​Nike Lunarglide 6
    • ​Mizuno Wave Inspire 11
    • ​Brooks Beast 14

However, they are not the only shoes designed for flat and overpronating feet. There are still other brands out there but for now, we will recommend you these because they prove to live up their names based on the user reviews.

Aside from that, we can see that all of these shoes have their technology to give your running more comfort and stability

We know that you have a lot of preferences in buying running shoes, and that includes the price and style. Choosing among these shoes that we have mentioned will ensure that all of those will be considered!

And before we forget, prices of shoes varies for men and women!

Do you have comments, questions, and suggestions running in your mind? Tell us! We love to hear from you!

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