Top 5 Of The Best Socks For Running For Better Performance


Running is probably one of the toughest activities on your feet. So, a pair of the most comfortable and durable socks is your first line of defense on your intense training. Thus, you need to find socks that won’t just leave your feet warm and dry, but also the pair that will leave your feet blister-free.

While it is quite challenging to find the right socks that will enhance your performance, this is not impossible. These socks will surely bring a significant improvement in your marathons and other outdoor activities. So, we have compared a few pairs of the best socks for running.


Types Of Socks By Activities

Socks should be organized based on the activities you engage. So, here are the kinds of socks for different activities and find out their differences:

Running Socks

best socks for running

These socks may range from thin liners with just small pads to those running socks with very thick cushion. Other runners may prefer the socks with a little padding for snug fit shoes. Some athletes want more cushioning for added protection and reduced potential foot injuries.

Athletic Socks

These socks may range from thin liners with just small pads to those running socks with very thick cushion. Other runners may prefer the socks with a little padding for snug fit shoes. Some athletes want more cushioning for added protection and reduced potential foot injuries.

Walking Socks

These types can offer enough cushion. Also, it has a moisture-wicking capacity for walkers.

Casual Socks

These often have casual styles from stripes to polka dots to different striking colors. However, these socks are lightweight, and they usually have merino wool as the primary material

Hiking Socks

These are thin socks that give a great fit for hikers with wide feet. Also, they are effective at wicking moisture. Plus, it has enough cushion in the ball of the feet and heels. They seem to be thinner on the top part and hikers can wear them with or without liners.

Backpacking Socks

Their thickness can give you a good fit to backpackers and hikers with narrow feet. Moreover, they offer enough padding in the ball of the feet and heels than hiking socks. Also, there is more cushion on top of the foot and leg part for extra protection and comfort. You can wear them with or without liners.

Mountaineering Socks

These types of socks are the thickest of all the choices you can get. However, these are very bulky and offers you thick padding for inclement weather conditions.

Snowboard and Ski Socks

These have padding in the shin part and underfoot. But, the pads are thin, and they cannot provide you warmth. They only protect your feet from pressure and friction. Also, their designs cannot interfere with the energy needed to move during training.

Three Factors To Look For In Running Socks

A few decades ago, runners usually reached for their cotton socks before training. But, nowadays, the right pair of running socks should have fabrics that could wick moisture. You may choose from polyester, wool, nylon, and acrylic materials.

However, what you should consider first is to know that the best pair of socks will: offer comfort, protect your feet from injuries, and can wick moisture. And ultimately, the best socks experience is when you feel that you are barely wearing them. With that, here are the three factors to consider before purchasing a pair:

#1 Find Running-Specific Socks

best socks for running

You must throw away the urge to buy athletic socks directly. What you need to do is look for socks designed for running. Even though they are quite expensive, they still last longer. A lot of running socks have prices that reach up to $15 for a pair. However, if you are training for a race, it is still worth your money.

Running socks have more cushioning compared to regular socks. This factor is vital since you are moving back and forth every single day for your training. But, you need to remember that a pair of the best running socks will also be tighter than the usual, especially around the heel and mid-foot.

However, they create enough room for your toes. What you need to consider is to keep on looking for a pair that has a deep-heeled pocket. It can fit your heels securely.

#2 Consider Your Running Needs

best socks for running

If you want your socks to have more cushion, then you should search for thicker versions. If you opt to put on something that doesn’t feel too bulky, then try a thinner sock model. Some runners also want a knee-high pair of socks.

Others prefer the crew cuts and lower cuts. In short, you have to select socks that match your personal preferences. When you choose running shoes, you should also take into account the pair of socks that goes with your running style. Moreover, when you purchase a new pair of running shoes, you have to select at least three pairs of socks to go with it.

#3 Determine When To Replace Them

best socks for running

You have to give your torn and worn-out socks a break when they already lost their cushioning capacity. When you feel that they can no longer function like the way they were before, then you have to throw them away. These socks will only diminish your proper functioning when it comes to running on trails.

You have to take note that your running socks should take the shape of your feet. If they already don’t, then this only means that the fabrics cannot mold to the edges of your feet anymore. At this point, you have to accept that your socks cannot give enough cushion and protection for running. So, it is the right time to shop for new pairs of running socks.

Easy Tips To Care For Your Running Socks

Here are some quick and straightforward steps to follow:

  • Only reserve them for training purposes. So, when you just want to go to the mall, you have to use other socks. It will assure that your socks can preserve their shape and function.
  • Do not bleach your socks. Bleaching them may cause patches and unwanted blending of colors. You do not want the colors of your socks to fade away too.
  • Air dry your socks. Air drying can absorb the moisture away without compromising the fabric of your socks.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing the socks. There are simple guidelines provided on your sock’s label. You need to read and follow them so you can extend the lifespan of your socks.

Top 5 Of The Best Running Socks

**For more detailed reviews, you can see the following information below. Also, you can click the links embedded in the table to see current prices of these products and customer's comments on Amazon as well**

#1 Physix Gear Support Compression Socks

Physix Gear Support now presents one of the best compression socks on the market today. These are the latest stamina compression stocks. A pair of these socks can provide comfort and support to swollen feet and ankles.

Plus, these make sure that you prevent varicose veins, shin splints, and leg pain. Also, these socks will help to avoid blood clots, even after your surgery. For athletes, especially runners, they can provide more support to prevent injury.

Moreover, they wick moisture away from your feet, and the materials have breathability design. In fact, they have nylon fabrics that can fight moisture and bacteria for optimum level of functionality and comfort. Thus, these are the ideal socks for athletes, runners, and nurses.


  • These compression socks won’t slip down to your feet so easily, unlike any other cheap compression socks.
  • Physix compression socks will leave you with no smell and dirt on your feet. The dirt will usually stick to the fabric itself.
  • Also, they provide enough support and comfort even after a day of running and other activities


  • The socks slightly pinched when I started to run for a few miles. However, you can easily get it back in shape.

#2 Saucony Men’s Performance No Show Socks


The Saucony socks are a great combination of comfort and protection. Its materials are 95 percent Polyester. 2 percent Spandex, and 3 percent Rubber. What’s convenient about these socks is that you can machine wash them, unlike other counterparts. Plus, these no show socks have a breathable air mesh vent.


  • The socks offer excellent cushioning and breathability. In fact, your heels and soles will feel breezy when you use them.
  • Also, Saucony socks also prevent any moisture build-up. They wick moisture away from your feet.
  • The socks go high enough to cover your feet and calves.


  • The fit of the socks is quite tight. When you remove them, you can see visible marks.
  • They do not wash pretty well. They start to wear off after a few washes.

#3 ASICS Women’s Cushion Low Cut Sock


ASICS socks have 85 percent Acrylic, 2 percent Spandex, and 13 percent Polyester materials. A pair of these low cut socks has a unique moisture management innovation that wicks away any wetness.

Plus, they have well-engineered mesh panels that allow breathability. The logos of the brand are at the toe and cuff part. Plus, what’s even better is that the socks have cushioned sole.


  • The little part at the back keeps them from sliding to your toes and going to the shoes.
  • They are super soft. So, they are comfortable to use for any activities.
  • The colors are so bright that they look super attractive to use.
  • Plus, the ASICS low cut socks offer the perfect fit to your feet.


  • After a single wash, you can notice that the materials are slowly getting thinner.
  • It is not advisable for extreme activities. For instance, if you are on a strict training for running, then you cannot use these socks. The materials just won’t quite fit with the activity

#4 MoJo Recovery and Performance Sports Compression Socks


The Elite Series of MoJo’s has quite a thicker material that the Power Series. So, medical students, employees, and athletes can use these highly graduated compression socks.

In fact, they can boost up your blood circulation and give off oxygen to various muscles in your extremities. The tight ankle property causes the pumping effect on the legs.

Moreover, the zone construction for compression and cushioning follow the shape of your feet. You can use these socks for different activities for muscle recovery.

Plus, they make sure that you decrease the buildup of lactic acid in your body. The features of MoJo socks reinforce your toes and heels for improved ease and mobility.


  • You can continuously use the MoJo socks for various activities to reduce the swelling of your feet and legs.
  • Plus, they help in cramp and pain reduction.
  • They are very vital to use, especially for nurses and athletes to reduce the blood clot formation.
  • The socks offer enough fit and comfort.


  • The MoJo materials may start to run after a few uses.
  • They are quite tight to put on and get off.
  • They are quite uncomfortable to use. So, they leave some mark after a few hours of use.

#5 Under Armour Men’s Resistor No Show Socks


Under Armour Socks offer innovative designs. The goal of the company’s CEO, Kevin Plank is to alter the way athletes dress up for any events. He wanted to give them numerous advantages by using these socks. The socks’ base layer is UA revolutionized.

However, Under Armour is still developing each layer, starting from the base to middle and finally, outerwear. What’s even more exciting is that the company is making use of light-weight materials and fabrics for proper mobility. Plus, the socks promises to keep you comfortable and warm than any other socks on the market today.


  • Under Armour socks provide enough comfort and protection.
  • Also, the snug fit is sufficient to keep your feet warm and comfortable.
  • You can use them as everyday socks for work, exercise at the gym, and any other activities.


  • The usage will start fine. However, after a few days running, the socks will slowly diminish its cushioning.
  • The socks do not offer enough durability. The bottom part of the socks slowly wore out after a few weeks of use.


Running socks are probably one of the most unregarded gears. That is until you start to develop discomfort and pain after using low-quality socks for your training. Fortunately, with today’s wide variety of running socks, you can choose any models that match your preference.

For the best socks for running, a lot of runners are getting drawn to Physix Gear Support Compression Socks. Not only that they offer enough comfort and protection, but also they are long-lasting. But before purchasing, you still have to consider your personal preferences and vital factors to find the percent sole-mate.

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