A Guide To Selecting The Best Backpack For Running

Are you a newbie in running and you need to purchase the right backpack for you? Or do you need a bag for your next marathon? You see, you need the best backpack for running that will join you on your training.


You will need this to store your training essentials, including water, snacks, gears, etc. Also, you may need it, especially if you are always commuting from your home to your gym or a running terrain.

A running bag is a handy equipment. However, some runners may find choosing a running pack an overwhelming experience. So, below we have suggested some of the best running backpacks.

Different Styles Of Outdoor Backpacks

#1 Running Bag

It is a more conventional outdoor backpack. You can usually interchange it for running or hiking. However, more manufacturers produce bags that are purposely for running.

It has more capacity than any other packs. So, you can use it for different outdoor activities, and even vacation trips.

#2 Hydration Packs

It is quite a smaller backpack than traditional bags. Also, it has a lot of pockets for your bladder. It may also provide a few other compartments for storage. The primary purpose of this type of pack is for hydration.

#3 Waist Backpack

It has two types of waist bags. The first one is the running belt. The other one is the hydration belt. The only difference between the two is that the hydration belt has holsters that hold water bottles.

#4 Race Vest

It is a combination of hydration pack and running bag. A race vest is super lightweight. However, it has more storage slots placed on the front straps. These straps make the bag more like a vest.

#5 Handheld Hydration Backpack

It is a bottle carrier type of pack.

How To Choose The Best Running Backpack

#1 Find Out The Pack Use

All backpacks are not equal. You have to know if you are going to use it to run for long distances or marathons. Or perhaps you have to bring it for trail running and hiking.

The very first thing you have to settle on is the style and size of the pack. If you are going to run for long distances, you may want to obtain a larger bag for meals and hydration.

Moreover, another vital factor to consider is the weight of the bag. If you are planning to do more than one activity, then you may want to bring two different backpacks. So, you have to invest in a bag with the right features.

#2 Proper Location Of The Straps

The strap padding and the place of the strap play a vital role in choosing a bag for running. The main shoulder straps need to have some foam padding. So, make sure that there are pads all over your backpack.

You have to remember that thinly strapped bags may dig into your skin and may irritate it. You need to make sure that the straps have an adjustable length. Plus, they should feel comfortable when you pull them tighter to secure the pack properly.

If you are still in doubt of this feature, you may put a jumper or jacket in the bag. Then, you have to pull the straps tighter. If you feel uncomfortable, especially around your neck or shoulders, try a different style.

The straps with ventilation make a whole lot of difference when the weather’s too hot. Another thing to determine is the chest strap. The function of this feature is to take some weight of the bag. But, make sure that the straps are even across your chest.

Also, you need to adjust the length of the straps across your shoulder and chest. Make sure that you may search for the right tension point to comfortable place the bag diagonally your chest.

The chest straps determine the pressure. Most of these straps have elastic materials so that you can adjust the tension. You may place the pressure in your chest.

However, it should not be restrictive. You do not want your straps too loose or too tight. You must have them placed in the right places.

#3 The Fit Of The Pack

When you adjust the pack before your run, your posture is one of the key factors. It dictates how your bag should feel on your shoulders and back. Moreover, the pack needs to go with your normal position.

You do not need to alter your posture just to cope with the structure of the bag. Also, it could avoid any rounding or hunching of your back. Also, it must make your back, shoulders, and chin correctly positioned.

The perfect position of your pack depends on its weight and how you move. Plus, you need to make sure the points to bear the load of your bag.

#4 The Size Of The Backpack

A smaller backpack is better that a cumbersome pack. However, if you need to go on some trip for a few days, you may require more capacity to store some clothes and running essentials. 20 liters size is a minimum point for a lot of people. Also, most brands offer this size.

...So, here is a list of the top running packs you can purchase before your training

Best Backpack For Running

**For more detailed reviews, you can see the following information below. Also, you can click the links embedded in the table to see current prices of these products and customer's comments on Amazon as well**

#1 Mardingtop Hydration Backpack

Via Amazon.com

Almost all Mardingtop bag has a polyester, water-resistant material. So, it does not allow the water to enter the bag, especially during extreme weather conditions.

It has a 15-liter capacity, which is ideal for hiking, cycling, climbing, and running. Plus, this bag is fully functional and versatile. It comes with detachable waist belt and Velcro straps.

Moreover, the straps of this bag are elastic enough. Lastly, its hydration system is fully compatible with any weather. In fact, it can carry up to 2 liters of a hydration bladder.


  • This bag has a good fit, which is not too loose or tight to use when doing extreme activities.
  • Plus, it has adjustable straps, which you can attach or remove during your runs, climbs, and hikes.
  • It is lightweight and comfortable to carry. It’s as if you are not carrying a heavy load while running or walking.
  • Also, the pack comes with front compartments for small, valuable things such as keys and MP3 players.
  • Overall, the bag is compact, durable, and has enough room for your running gears and equipment.


  • None, so far.

#2 WACOOL Hydration Bladder Pack

Via Amazon.com

The WACOOL bag is a running backpack that has 2 liters BPA-free water bladder. All of WACOOL products are very durable, anti-scratch, and waterproof.

For this model, it is ideal for cycling, running, hiking, and walking. It has a Velcro closure bladder with easy access to the first compartment.

Moreover, it comes with an additional front zipper pocket to keep your essentials like keys and cell phones.The bag has an adjustable chest strap.

Also, the pack comes with well-padded shoulder straps and an EVA pad on its back. It has an attachment drawstring that can hold your clothes, helmet, etc.

But, the main feature is that it is super comfortable and lightweight to use.


  • The product’s water bladder is easy to refill with any source of water.
  • Also, you can clean it quickly. The bag is easy to wash off. After cleaning the bag, it won’t leave any stains from mud and dirt in the exterior.
  • The bladder itself doesn’t give the water a plastic taste unlike other water bladders out on the market today. Some would leave a bitter taste in the water.
  • It properly secures your chest and shoulder. Thus, it makes sure of your security and protection while you are sprinting.
  • Additionally, there are some extra pockets for your essential things.


  • The back mesh line is quite rough. In fact, it may hurt your back during marathons and hikes.
  • The straps of the bag also have rugged materials. So, it can easily leave some marks on your delicate skin.
  • Lastly, the bladder opening of this bag is quite small. So, it is quite challenging to refill the bladder with ice water.

#3 Gonex Hiking Backpack

Via Amazon.com

Gonex is a durable and compact backpack that is ideal for your trips, hikes, and runs. It is a perfect bag if you are an out-and-about person. Also, the materials of this bag are high-quality. The bag has water-resistant Nylon material. Plus, it comes with a heavy-duty abrasion-resistant metal zipper.

With the use of this pack, you can keep essential things organized. In fact, it has three zippered storages. The main pocket is huge enough to carry your gears. The smaller pockets are great for other valuable items like your keys, phone, and wallet.

The pack is also very lightweight and convenient to use. It can even fit into a compact pouch that you can bring anywhere you desire. Also, you can quickly fold it so that you can pack the bag in your suitcase for your travels. By utilizing this bag, you will not worry about overweight charges.


  • The pack is a very handy bag, especially for traveling, hiking, and running.
  • With the use of this bag, you can bring more items for your recreational activities.
  • The materials of this backpack are water-resistant. So, you can bring it even during rainy days.
  • Also, it comes with numerous compartments for storage purposes.
  • When you store it at home, it takes up less space.


  • Gonex backpack is quite a flimsy bag. You make more effort to insert things like your water bottle inside it.
  • The coating in the bag will start to peel off after a few months of use, especially if you store it in a humid place.

#4 SLS3 Running Hydration Vest and Backpack

Via Amazon.com

The SLS3 Backpack comes with adjustable straps. Moreover, it has an adjustable slide strap to apply across your chest. Both men and women can use this bag. It also promotes durability and comfort. It has the right placement of the back pocket. Also, you can securely place the vest of the bag on your shoulders.

Moreover, the small pockets are suitable for essential items like keys and wallets. There is also a larger compartment with a zipper that will fit your cell phone. The shoulder straps of this bag are broad and comfortable to use, especially while running or jogging. They have breathable mesh pads to allow more comfort and protection.


  • The SLS3 pack offers proper hydration. So, you can carry more water bottles.
  • The bag is suitable for marathons and long hikes because of its structure and design.
  • Plus, it is budget-friendly, which is great for runners and athletes in a tight budget.
  • The straps of this bag come with enough adjustment for the shoulder and the chest. It will leave you feeling comfortable.
  • Also, the bag has adequate compartments for extra storage.
  • The backpack has high-quality and heavy-duty materials suitable for extreme activities.
  • It is light to use. So, you can bring it during your jogs, hikes, and runs.
  • Also, it is also practical and comfortable to use since it comes with adjustable straps.
  • It is perfect for runners and other movement athletes.


  • A downfall of this product is that it is pretty hard to remove the water bottles in the compartments. It will take some effort to get it out the pockets because they are quite small.
  • Also, the vest would start to bounce out when you move more, especially during your runs.

#5 Deuter Speed Lite 10 Backpack

Via Amazon.com

Deuter backpack is very lightweight to use because it is a pretty small pack. Thus, you can bring it on a marathon or long runs. Also, it comes with a wet or dry pocket. But, you can still use the pocket for valuable items. The backpack also has breathable foam back for added comfort and protection. And lastly, Deuter pack is a 2-liter hydration system compatible bag.


  • Offers innovative features.
  • Also, it is extremely lightweight and comfortable to use, especially that it has breathable foam.
  • The materials are heavy-duty for a marathon, hiking, and other intense activities.
  • The design of the bag is pretty basic and dull. However, it is intelligent and practical to use.
  • You can absolutely use this backpack for extreme sports.
  • The bag also comes with side pockets for enough storage space.


  • The backpack is quite smaller than the average running bag.
  • Also, the straps are not sufficient for security and protection.
  • The compartments are also smaller than the usual that they won’t fit water bottles and other essential gears.


Choosing a running backpack is not just like selecting any other day pack. First and foremost, you have to consider its size, comfort level, and other necessary features. Also, it must not just find a well-fitting bag, but you need to get a well-adjusted bag when running.

Finally, you must make sure that it won’t impede your running actions, especially your arm and leg movements. So, for me, the Mardingtop Hydration Backpack does the job for me and even more. What I like about this bag is that it is water-resistant.

Even during severe weather conditions, I can still carry this bag to my runs and travels.Also, it has enough space for my running, cycling, and hiking gears. So, I won’t get worried that I have to leave some essential things at home because the pack can’t hold them anymore.

But, what really sets it apart from other running backpacks is its Velcro straps and detachable waist belt. These straps are elastic enough that it won’t bother any of your movements while running.

So, by remembering the crucial features to consider on your next shopping trip for your running pack, you will make sure that you get an excellent bag. Also, you will not only feel comfortable with your new running companion, but it will also make your runs more efficient!

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